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2017-05-24 Govt Needs to Do More to End Domestic Violence
[HRW] "I would beat her," the Algerian man confirmed, "not hard, just normal." His response to the question, "Would you beat your wife?" aired on Ennahar, an Algerian TV channel in March, alongside several similar answers. sparked outrage on social media.

2017-05-23 'CAPS United Aren't Easy Prey'
[The Herald] USM Alger coach Paul Put says the Algerian giants have devoted ample time to studying CAPS United and have a comprehensive game plan to contain the Zimbabweans in a CAF Champions League Group B showdown at the National Sports Stadium tomorrow. The Belgian gaffer yesterday said he watched Makepekepe's opening group match against Zamalek and believes his men should brace for a tough battle.

2017-05-19 Chess Federation Plans for Algeria Competition
[Observer] The Liberia Chess Federation (LCF) has recently participated in the West Africa 4-4 individual chess tournament in Monrovia with three of its players emerging winners, next to Nigeria and the Ivory Coast.

2017-05-11 Beaten By Her Husband, and Nowhere to Turn
[HRW] "Salwa's" husband started beating her in the early days of their marriage in 2006. She endured the punches until that fateful day in September 2011, when, she said, her husband hung her by the arms to a bar in the ceiling of their house with an iron wire and stripped her naked. He beat her with a broom, then slashed her breasts with scissors.

2017-05-10 Réalisation de 15 puits d'eau potable pour assurer une distribution régulière en prévision de Ramadhan
[Algerie Presse Service] Quinze (15) puits d'une capacité de pompage de 14 000 m3 par jour d'eau potable seront mis en service et exploités  prochainement pour renforcer l'opération de distribution au profit des citoyens à l'ouest d'Alger en prévision du mois sacré de Ramadhan et de la  saison estivale, a annoncé le directeur des ressources en eau de la wilaya  d'Alger.

2017-05-10 Intensifier la coopération entre les instances de sécurité et d'information pour consacrer une culture sécuritaire
[Algerie Presse Service] Les participants à un colloque national sur  l'information sécuritaire au service de la société, ouvert mardi à  Relizane, ont mis l'accent sur l'intensification de la coopération entre  les instances de sécurité et d'information pour consacrer une culture  sécuritaire dans la société, basée sur le civisme.

2017-05-10 Algérie-Hongrie - Promouvoir les échanges économiques et d'investissement
[Algerie Presse Service] Le travail entre l'Algérie et la Hongrie  est concentré actuellement sur la promotion des relations bilatérales dans  le domaine des échanges économiques et de l'investissement, a affirmé,  mardi à Ain Témouchent, l'ambassadrice de Hongrie en Algérie, Helga Pritz.

2017-05-10 Plus de 1,6 milliard de DA de marchandises non facturées au cours du premier trimestre de l'année en cours
[Algerie Presse Service] La brigade mixte regroupant les services des¬† douanes, du commerce et des imp√īts da la wilaya d'Alger a proc√©d√© au cours¬† des trois premiers mois de l'ann√©e en cours √† la saisie de marchandises non¬† factur√©es d'une valeur de plus de 1,6 milliard de DA, a-t-on appris mardi¬† aupr√®s de la Direction du commerce.

2017-05-08 Sudan and Algeria Agree On Bilateral Coordination On Peace and Stability in Libya
[SNA] Algeria -Foreign Minister, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour met, Sunday, the Minister of Moroccan Affairs, Arab League and African Union in the Algerian Foreign Ministry, Abdul Al-Gader Mosahel in the context of the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Countries Neighboring Libya scheduled to be held, tomorrow, Monday.

2017-05-08 Prof. Ghandour to Participate in Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Libya Neighboring Countries
[SNA] Algiers -The Foreign Minister, Prof. Haidar Ahmed Dafalla, Sunday arrived in Algiers to participate in meetings of the Foreign Ministers of Libya neighboring countries, scheduled on Monday.

2017-05-06 Algeria Donates to Flood Victims
[The Herald] Algeria has donated $100 000 towards assisting victims of floods which hit Zimbabwe.

2017-05-04 Algerians in Tanzania Told to Vote
[Daily News] Algerians living in Tanzania were yesterday asked to turn up in big numbers this morning to elect members of the lower house of the bicameral parliament, the People's National Assembly.

2017-05-03 Algeria to Oversee Police's Installation of CCTV Cameras
[Observer] The Algerian national police will oversee the implementations of the countrywide Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), camera installation project in Uganda.

2017-05-03 'Sacked' Police Chief's Aide to Head Installation of CCTV Cameras
[Monitor] Kampala -Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, has appointed his former aide Jonathan Baroza to oversee the installation of CCTV cameras in collaboration with Algerian police.

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