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2018-03-14 UN Investigators Call for Accountability and Justice in South Sudan, Burundi
[VOA] U.N. investigators are calling for justice in light of separate reports to the United Nations Human Rights Council describing widespread and gross violations of human rights in South Sudan and Burundi.

2018-03-13 The Title of 'Eternal Supreme Guide' Is the Doorway Nkurunziza Bid to Rule Until 2034
[This is Africa] Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza has been named "Eternal Supreme Guide" by his political party. This means that no one in the governing CNDD-FDD is allowed to disagree with his choices, including his stated aim to change the two-term limit enshrined in the country's constitution

2018-03-12 Ruling Party Gives President New Title of 'Supreme Eternal Leader'
[allAfrica] Cape Town -The ruling party CNDD-FDD has elevated President Pierre Nkurunziza to the rank of "supreme eternal leader". Top party officials who met on Saturday in Buye, Ngozi province in northern Burundi, said.

2018-03-11 East Africans Want Peacekeepers to Stay
[East African] Nairobi -The troop-contributing countries to peacekeepers in Somalia now want the United Nations Security Council to reconsider its resolution on phased withdrawal issued last September.

2018-03-12 Conflict Prevention As Pragmatic Response to a Twofold Crisis - Liberal Interventionism and Burundi
[Chatham House] Contemporary conflict prevention depends on information gathering and knowledge production about developments within the borders of a state, whose internal affairs have been deemed precarious by external actors. The international community, especially the United Nations (UN), calls this early warning and early action. However, for governments whose affairs are considered in need of monitoring, preventive endeavours--and the knowledge production they entail-- can be seen as 'early aggression'. In this artic

2018-03-10 Activist - 'What Has Nkurunziza Done for His People?'
[Deutsche Welle] Justice and respect for human rights is what the exiled activist, Pierre Claver Mbonimpa, wants for Burundi. In May 2018, Burundians will vote in a referendum that could extend President Nkurunziza's term until 2034.

2018-03-09 Rwanda Centre Overstretched By Burundi Refugee Influx
[East African] Rwanda has said the centre hosting 2,500 Burundian refugees who left DR Congo on Wednesday for fear of deportation is overstretched.

2018-03-08 Court Dismisses Burundi's Case Against EALA Speaker
[East African] The East African Court of Justice has dismissed the case filed by Burundi seeking the removal of Rwanda's Martin Ngoga as Speaker of the regional assembly. The EACJ, in its ruling Wednesday, said the petition had been "overtaken by events" as the Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly had since assumed office.

2018-03-08 Over 2000 Burundian Refugees Cross to Rwanda From DR Congo
[New Times] More than 2500 Burundian refugees yesterday crossed from Kamanyola refugee camp in DR Congo to Rwanda, an official confirmed.

2018-02-27 Burundian Charged in Dar With Murder of British Conservationist
[East African] A Burundi national and a bank employee are among five people charged with the murder of a British conservationist in Tanzania.

2018-02-27 Situation in Burundi 'Not Suitable' for Credible Elections - UN Official
[UN News] Urgent efforts are needed to keep the "hard-won" gains in Burundi from eroding, a senior United Nations official told the Security Council on Monday, noting that while the security situation is calm, there is still the potential for volatility as political tensions persist.

2018-02-27 Critics Bullied in Burundi Draft Referendum
[CAJ News] Kigali -THREATS by President Pierre Nkurunziza and intimidation by ruling party supporters have cast doubt on a credible constitutional referendum in Burundi.

2018-02-26 EAC Heads Mull Way Forward On Taxation, Monetary Union
[Citizen] Arusha -Tanzania and Burundi have been directed to ratify the double taxation agreement of the East African Community (EAC) - and formally deposit the ratification instruments with the Community's headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania, by July this year.

2018-02-22 'Tchabalala' Strike Seals Qualification for Rayon Sports
[CAF] New signing forward Shaban 'Tchabalala' Hussein netted the only goal as Rayon Sports claimed a deserved 1-0 win over a Lydia Ludic Burundi Académic in the preliminary round return leg of the 2018 CAF Champions league at Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium in Bujumbura to qualify 2-1 on aggregate

2018-02-14 Kids Flee DRC to Burundi
[CAJ News] Bujumbura -THOUSANDS of unaccompanied children have descended on Burundi after fleeing worsening conflicts in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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