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2017-03-29 Egypt Snubs Nile Sharing Agreement, Asks for More Time
[Monitor] Entebbe -Egyptian authorities on Monday, yet again, requested for more time to "consult widely" on the terms and implications of the contentious clauses in the new cooperative framework that seeks to refine sharing of the River Nile. The request was resultantly granted by the Nile Council of Ministers (Nile-COM) meeting chaired by Water and Environment minister Sam Cheptoris at Protea Hotel, following hours of protracted haggling that went on into the night.

2017-03-29 Uganda Trails Behind Rwanda, Burundi in Reporting Corruption - Survey
[Monitor] Kampala -A new study on corruption reporting in East Africa reveals that Uganda and Tanzania trail behind the rest of East African countries in their citizens' reporting of corruption.

2017-03-28 Movement Against President Nkurunziza's Third Term Goes Non-Violent
[Iwacu] The movement "Halte au Troisième Mandat" [Halt to the Third Term], a collective of Civil Society Organizations campaigning against President Nkurunziza's "unconstitutional" third term, has launched this Sunday 26 March a programme of education to active non-violence to help actors overcome fear that the movement says resulted from repression.

2017-03-27 'Corpse Phenomenon' On Greater Scale
[Iwacu] Lifeless bodies are discovered all over the country. Some human rights activists speak of a revival of murderous violence of a political and ethnic nature and count about sixty corpses. For the police, this phenomenon would be linked to vengeance, banditry or witchcraft.

2017-03-27 Burundi Keeps Knocking At SADC's Door
[ISS] The Southern African Development Community (SADC) may not seem such an exclusive club to many of its own citizens. After all, a few of its members - Swaziland and Zimbabwe spring to mind - systematically violate the club's ostensible rules, regarding respect for democracy, the rule of law and governance especially, without evident fear of expulsion.

2017-03-27 Surge in Illegal - and Failed - Mineral Traffic Attempts
[Iwacu] Recent foiled mineral smuggling attempts were destined to Rwanda that is reported to have an expending trade of coltan.

2017-03-25 Burundi Receives U.S.$40 Million for Poorest Households
[Iwacu] The International Development Association (IDA) through the World Bank has provided additional funding of $40 million to Burundi. On 23 March, the Burundi National Assembly approved the distribution of the money transfer to the poorest households in the country.

2017-03-25 'We Do Not Hope to Be Cured As Long As We Starve'
[Iwacu] About 8,000 people had contracted tuberculosis in Burundi in 2016. More than 4,000 suffered from contagious tuberculosis, said the Minister of Health marking World Tuberculosis Day on 24 March. Hungry sufferers say that their tuberculosis cannot be cured as long as they have nothing to eat.

2017-03-24 Bicycle Taxi Riders Say License Plate Issue Creates Confusion
[Iwacu] Bicycle-taxi users in Bujumbura city say they are confused by people who call themselves members of Solidarity of Bicycle Taxi of Burundi [SOTAVEBU] and impose fines on bicycle taxi users without license plates. The Transport Minister had suspended the measure to purchase them.

2017-03-24 Bujumbura Residents Survive Fierce Wind, but Left With No Shelter
[Iwacu] The affected residents, who say they are currently sheltered by their neighbours and families, ask for help to rebuild their homes.

2017-03-24 Food Industry Needs to Be Supported
[Iwacu] Development Action and Regional Integration-ADIR Burundi has organized this 23 March a meeting with all stakeholders in the development of the agro-business. The climate and trade aspects of food security in Burundi as well as the promotion of food industry were the main focus in the meeting.

2017-03-22 AfDB Pledges More Support for Bujumbura's Integration Efforts
[East African] Even as Burundi continues to distance itself from the East African Community, the African Development Bank has said it will still support the country's development projects that promote integration.

2017-03-22 Conflicts Within UPD Zigamibanga Over Leadership
[Iwacu] The UPD Zigamibanga party organized a national congress to elect the new chairman, two years after the death of the leader of this party Zedi Feruzi. These elections led to conflicts between the members of this party.

2017-03-21 Burundi Failed to Give Its Contribution to 2016 EAC Financial Budget
[Iwacu] The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), deeply concerned by the poor financial situation of the East African Community, has passed a resolution urging the Council of Ministers to immediately convene under matters of urgency to solve the financial crisis in the community. Sanctions should be imposed on the partner states which do not accomplish their duties.

2017-03-22 Environment Ministry Calls for Effective Protection of Burundian Forests
[Iwacu] While the world celebrates the International Day of Forests on 21 March of each year, bush fires, agricultural activities, anarchical constructions, illegal fishing, etc. caused by human activities constitute a threat to Burundi forests. Burundi Environment Ministry says a sensitization campaign is the main strategy to preserve forests and protected areas.

2017-03-20 Former Street Child Helps Heal Civil War Divisions
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -Dieudonne Nahimana helps break cycle of retribution among children orphaned by Burundi's civil war and those whose parents were the killers

2017-03-20 Evariste Ndayishimiye: 'We Have Several Potential Candidates for 2020'
[Iwacu] The Secretary General of the ruling CNDD FDD party expresses himself on several current concerns including the place of CNARED in the dialogue, the issue of term limit and the candidate for 2020 presidential election.

2017-03-21 Gunmen Kill Two Rwandans, Flee to Burundi
[East African] The deteriorating tensions between Kigali and Bujumbura are not likely to be abated soon following the killing of two Rwandans by unknown gunmen who fled to Burundi at the weekend.

2017-03-17 Govt Receives U.S.$ 25 Million to Improve Food Security
[Iwacu] The International Development Association (IDA) through the World Bank has provided additional funding of US $ 25 million to Burundi. On 16 March, the Burundi National Assembly has adopted the release of that funding which will be used in the implementation of the Productivity and Agricultural Markets Development Project (PRODEMA).

2017-03-16 Towards Restoration of Confidence Between Burundi and EU?
[Iwacu] Meetings with Burundian and EU officials have been carried out this week. A former Burundian diplomat says Burundi government is becoming more flexible.

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