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2017-07-26 The High Cost of Ignoring Torture in Cameroon
[ISS] Two months ago, a private contractor working for the United States (US) military posted a photograph on Facebook. It was taken at the Salak military base in Cameroon's far north, where Cameroon's elite Rapid Intervention Brigade (Brigade d'Intervention Rapide, or BIR) has its headquarters, and where the US military maintains an outpost. An unidentified number of American troops are also stationed there.

2017-07-26 Limbe Is Ready
[Cameroon Tribune] The 20,000 space Limbe Omnisports Stadium used for the female AFCON last November 2016, has been polished again awaiting any continental rendezvous.

2017-07-26 Road Accidents - More Children Are Victims
[Cameroon Tribune] The growing use of commercial motorcycles and hawking are to blame.

2017-07-26 Air Transport - Officials Take Refresher Course
[Cameroon Tribune] The aviation personnel from some African countries are taking a course on Dangerous Goods Safety Oversight.

2017-07-26 Wrestling - Zounkeu Bodoin, Champion of Cameroon
[Cameroon Tribune] The finals of the 2017 professional wrestling championship took place in Yaounde on Saturday July 22.

2017-07-25 OAPI - Refurbished Structure Put to Use
[Cameroon Tribune] A ceremony to reopen the building took place in Yaounde, Thursday July 20, 2017.

2017-07-25 Rumoured Killings in Bakassi - Nigerian Community Refutes Allegations
[Cameroon Tribune] A crisis meeting chaired by the SDO of Ndian held on July 20, 2017 in Idabato.

2017-07-25 Questionable Position of Amnesty Int'l
[Cameroon Tribune] Siding with a criminal group against a legitimate and sovereign State with a regular and patriotic army under serious attacks casts doubts on the driving force of the organisation.

2017-07-25 Cameroon's Struggle to Contain HIV/Aids
[Deutsche Welle] In its efforts to lower the HIV prevalence rate, Cameroon will launch a program where expectant mothers in northern regions of the country can get tested for HIV, and prevent mother to child transmissions.

2017-07-25 Extended Credit Facility - 'No Foreign Interference in Signing Agreement With IMF'
[Cameroon Tribune] Following is the introductory statement of the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary in a press conference he granted on July 24, 2017 on the Economic and Financial Programme with the International Monetary Fund supported by the Extended Credit Facility (ECF).

2017-07-25 African Synergy - First Ladies Donate Hospitals Equipment
[Cameroon Tribune] Seven medical structures in the country received gifts last Friday in Yaounde.

2017-07-24 Government Refutes Amnesty International Torture Allegations
[Cameroon Tribune] Below is the Minister of Communication's preliminary statement during a press conference on July 21, 2017 on Amnesty International's 2017 report entitled " Cameroon's secret torture chambers: human rights violations and war crimes in the fight against Boko Haram."

2017-07-25 Several Training Grounds Available
[Cameroon Tribune] Projects are underway for the rehabilitation of existing annex stadiums and the construction of new ones.

2017-07-25 Cité Des Palmiers Hospital - Leveraging Service Quality, Quantity
[Cameroon Tribune] The public will from July 25-29 enjoy free consultations as part of Open Door Days activities.

2017-07-24 Boxing - Federation Celebrates Medals
[Cameroon Tribune] Following Cameroon's victory at the African Boxing Championship, a boxing competition was organised in Yaounde on Friday July 21, 2017.

2017-07-24 Cameroon-Nigeria - No Renege On Greentree Accord
[Cameroon Tribune] The June 12, 2006 New York agreement laid down conditions whose mutual respect, and to the letter, guarantees peaceful co-existence between the two peoples.

2017-07-24 750 Youths Begin Holiday Job in Douala II
[Cameroon Tribune] The council's employment programme is placed under "Operation No Plastic Waste in Douala II."

2017-07-25 Institute of Youth and Sports - Strategic Development Plan Adopted
[Cameroon Tribune] A two-day workshop on the validation of the development plan of the National Institute of Youth and Sports ended in Yaounde on Friday July 21, 2017.

2017-07-25 GDP - CEMAC Forecasts Drop to 3.8 Per Cent
[Cameroon Tribune] The outfit has recommended gradual, orderly and sustainable budget readjustment in order for Cameroon to achieve a 4.2 per cent growth rate in 2018.

2017-07-24 North West - Garrison, Legion Commanders Take Command
[Cameroon Tribune] Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defense, in charge of the Gendarmerie, Jean Baptiste Bokam prescribes proximity security for the protection of the people and property.

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