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2018-03-16 Aging Biya Calls First Cabinet Meeting Since 2015
[East African] Cameroon's octogenarian President Paul Biya, who has ruled the central African country with zero tolerance for dissent for a third of a century, will hold his first cabinet meeting since 2015 on Thursday, his office announced.

2018-03-16 Senate - Two Bills Tabled
[Cameroon Tribune] Under the Chair of the Senate President, Marcel Niat Njifenji, the two bills were tabled before the Senate on March 15, 2018 for scrutiny after their adoption at the National Assembly.

2018-03-16 Accelerating Govenment Actions - President Paul Biya Gives Orientations
[Cameroon Tribune] Below is a press release following yesterday's Council of Ministers' Meeting.

2018-03-16 Tackling Issues to Improve General Wellbeing
[Cameroon Tribune] The presence of new members in the Yang Cabinet of 2 March, 2018 gave President Paul Biya the opportunity yesterday 15 March, 2018 to dish out some guidelines to the entire government. Although the cabinet reshuffle took many Cameroonians unaware, the fact that certain ministries were touched gave an indication of what the Head of State could expect from cabinet ministers. However, it was all at the level of speculations and the Council of Ministers' meeting that took place yesterday at the Unity Palace ga

2018-03-16 MTN Elite One - Difficult Race for Favourites
[Cameroon Tribune] The national football championship enters the eighth playing day this weekend across the country.

2018-03-15 Cameroon's Private Media Defy Ban On Political Debate
[Deutsche Welle] Cameroon has ordered the suspension of radio and TV broadcasts of political debates ahead of elections on March 25. Private media are ignoring the ban saying it's an attack on press freedom.

2018-03-15 Nkeze Emilia - Spirited SDF Team Leader
[Cameroon Tribune] The pedagogue emerges as a frontline member of the SDF, dedicated to play a front role for the party to achieve its mission of establishing a just, free and democratic society.

2018-03-15 Poverty Alleviation - World Bank Accords Additional Resources
[Cameroon Tribune] Three packages will give financial boost to the Social Safety Nets project, the Community Driven Development Programme (PNDP), and the national health system.

2018-03-15 Political Parties Invited to Withdraw Ballot Papers
[Cameroon Tribune] The Director General of Elections invites all the political parties that have verified the conformity of their list of candidates, emblem and colours submitted at SOPECAM for the production of campaign and ballot papers, to contact the said printing press without delay and withdraw their campaign ballots.

2018-03-15 PM Prescribes Respect for Deadlines...
[Cameroon Tribune] This was during a working session after visiting the various sites to host the competition in Douala yesterday.

2018-03-15 One Textbook Policy in Execution
[Cameroon Tribune] This is clearly seen in a call for the manifestation of interest for the approval of school textbooks and didactic materials by the Minister of Basic Education.

2018-03-14 A Reckless Old Man
[East African] In Cameroon, the election for president in October will take place against the background of a crisis that could break up the country.

2018-03-15 Gymnastics - New Season Underway
[Cameroon Tribune] The general assembly of the Cameroon Gymnastics Federation took place in Yaounde on Sunday March 11, 2018.

2018-03-14 Media Defies Ban on Political Debate
[VOA] Private media outlets in Cameroon are defying a ban on political programs imposed by the country's National Communication Council. The council had ordered the ban, insisting political debates may cause conflict ahead of senatorial elections on March 25.

2018-03-14 Electrification of Africa - Over 50 Million People Benefit
[Cameroon Tribune] "Power Africa" has lit homes in nine countries in the last five years.

2018-03-14 Cycling - Tour of Cameroon Postponed to May 2018
[Cameroon Tribune] The 15th edition of the International Cycling Tour of Cameroon has been postponed to May this year. The announcement was made after a courtesy visit by the officials of the International Cyclist Union at the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education on March 12, 2018. The postponement comes following Cameroon's inability to host the competition as planned due to financial constraints. Presently, officials of the International Cycling Union (ICU), the Race Commissioner, Franco Fernandes Isabel Maria and the

2018-03-14 AFCON Is At Our Doorsteps
[Cameroon Tribune] The convening of players dismisses fears of concentrating preparations only on infrastructure but training must be made continuous.

2018-03-14 Coton Sport Garoua - Bertin Ebwelle Appointed Head Coach
[Cameroon Tribune] Coton Sport of Garoua have appointed Bertin Ebwelle as their new head coach. The announcement was made public yesterday March 13, 2018 by the club's administration.

2018-03-13 Separatists Threaten to Kill Kidnapped Official
[VOA] The crisis in Cameroon's Anglophone regions continues to escalate. In a new video, a regional government official kidnapped by armed separatists says he will be executed if the government does not reveal the whereabouts of 47 detained separatist leaders.

2018-03-13 164,715 Nigerians Taking Refuge in Chad, Niger, Cameroon
[Daily Trust] Over 164, 715 Nigerians from crisis prone areas in the north east are now refugees in Chad, Niger and Cameroun, a humanitarian organization, Social Welfare Network Initiative (SWNI) has said.

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