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February 12, 2017  Congo (Kinshasa): Tshisekedi Place Hard to Fill
    "The death of prominent opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi has deprived the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) of a unique political figure who was at the forefront of the fight for democracy for over three decades. ... Coming just a month after the signing of a political agreement, which would have put him at the head of an important follow-up committee, his departure robs the opposition of a leader able to combine genuine street-level popularity with an ability to squeeze out political deals." - International Crisis Group

October 26, 2016  Congo (Kinshasa): "No Elections" Reports
    Central Africa's largest and most populous country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is bordered by nine countries: the Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, and Angola. With the exception of Zambia and Tanzania, none can claim to be a consolidated competitive democracy. But most have at least managed to hold presidential elections within the last two years. In contrast, with this month's postponement of the scheduled election for 2016, the DRC has joined South Sudan and Angola in extending a "no elections" scenario.

May 23, 2013  Congo (Kinshasa): U.S.-Trained Battalion Implicated in Rapes
    "A Congolese army battalion that received its formative training from the U.S. military went on to commit mass rapes and other atrocities last year, a U.N. investigation has found. Members of the 391st Commando Battalion, a unit created in 2010 with extensive support from the U.S. government, joined with other Congolese soldiers to rape 97 women and 33 girls as they fled a rebel advance in eastern Congo in November, according to the United Nations. U.S. Special Operations forces had spent eight months training the 750-member battalion in a bid to professionalize Congo's ragtag military, which has a long history of rights abuses, including raping and killing civilians." - Washington Post, May 13, 2013

Nov 28, 2012  Congo (Kinshasa): War in the East, 2
Nov 28, 2012  Congo (Kinshasa): War in the East, 1
Apr 25, 2012  Congo (Kinshasa): Call for Real Security Reform
Mar 29, 2012  Congo (Kinshasa): Democracy Still Deferred
Dec 21, 2011  Congo (Kinshasa): Dubious Mandate, Uncertain Future
Nov 29, 2011  Congo (Kinshasa): Election Background Analysis
Aug   2, 2010  USA/Africa: New Evidence on Lumumba Death
Aug   2, 2010  Congo (Kinshasa): UN Peacekeeping in Question
Aug   2, 2010  USA/Congo (Kinshasa): Conflict Minerals Law
Dec 22, 2009  Congo (Kinshasa): Militarization of Mining Well-Entrenched
Dec 22, 2009  Congo (Kinshasa): Conflict Fueled from Many Sources
Jan 28, 2009  Congo (Kinshasa): Risky Steps towards Peace
Oct 11, 2008  Congo (Kinshasa): War Goes On, Little Pressure for Peace
May   2, 2008  Congo (Kinshasa): Still No Peace in the East
Dec 13, 2007  Congo (Kinshasa): Conflict Background Analyses
Dec 13, 2007  Congo (Kinshasa): Conflict, Displacement Escalate
Sep 14, 2007  Congo (Kinshasa): Averting the Nightmare Scenario
Oct 31, 2006  Congo (Kinshasa): From Votes to Security?
Jul 30, 2006  Congo (Kinshasa): A New Beginning?
May   4, 2006  Congo (Kinshasa): Elections and More
Dec   4, 2005  Congo (Kinshasa): Peace or Stalemate
Jun   3, 2005  Congo (Kinshasa): Gold and Violence
Apr   4, 2005  Congo (Kinshasa): Peacekeeping Steps
Dec 19, 2004  Congo (Kinshasa): Back to the Brink
Mar 16, 2004  Congo (Kinshasa): Forests under Threat
Jan 11, 2004  Congo (Kinshasa): Peace & Transition

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Africa Policy E-Journal (1995-2003)

2003-10-17 Congo-Kinshasa: Peace Process Implementation
2003-05-26 Congo-Kinshasa: Urgent Peacekeeping Needs
2002-10-20 Congo-Kinshasa: Civil Society Statements
2002-08-01 Congo-Kinshasa: Peace Update
2002-05-19 Congo-Kinshasa: Peace Process Commentary
2001-12-17 Congo-Kinshasa: Disarmament
2001-10-24 Congo-Kinshasa: Peace Process Update
2001-05-24 Congo-Kinshasa: Human Rights Watch Testimony
2001-04-25 Congo-Kinshasa: Peace Update
2001-01-09 Congo-Kinshasa: Crisisweb Update
2000-01-26 Congo-Kinshasa: Security Council Debate
2000-01-26 Congo-Kinshasa: Arms Past and Present
1999-11-10 Congo-Kinshasa: Recent Documents
1999-08-26 Congo-Kinshasa: Peace Agreement
1999-06-24 Congo-Kinshasa: Peace Talks Update
1999-04-23 Congo-Kinshasa: Human Rights Rapporteur
1999-02-08 Congo-Kinshasa: Civil Society Statement
1998-10-05 Congo-Kinshasa: Regional Church Statement
1998-09-03 Congo-Kinshasa: Who's Who from IRIN
1998-09-03 Congo-Kinshasa: Statements on Crisis
1998-06-07 Congo-Kinshasa: Human Rights (ASADHO)
1998-04-14 Congo-Kinshasa: Recent Documents
1998-02-19 Congo-Kinshasa: Tshisekedi Arrest
1997-09-15 Congo-Kinshasa: Recent Documents, 2
1997-09-15 Congo-Kinshasa: Recent Documents, 1
1997-07-05 Congo-Kinshasa: Civil Society Statement
1997-06-23 Congo-Kinshasa: USCR Report, 1
1997-06-23 Congo-Kinshasa: USCR Report, 2

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