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2018-03-16 Linkage of Dry Port, Ethio-Djibouti Railway Line Facilitate Movement of Containers
[ENA] More than 2,000 containers have been transported to Modjjo Dry Port since the dry port was linked to the Ethio-Djibouti Railway line two months ago.

2018-03-16 The 24th Ethio-Djibouti Border Consultative Meeting Concluded
[ENA] Semera March 15/2018 Ethio-Djibouti bilateral relations have helped to promote mutual benefit based on people to people relations as a tool for upholding mutual benefit for both countries.

2018-03-15 Ethiopia Hails Economic Importance of Chinese-Built Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway
[Focac] Addis Ababa -Ethiopia on Wednesday commended the first two months of transportation operation of the Chinese-built electrified railway.

2018-03-13 New Ethio-Djibouti Railway Boosting Economic Integration - Ambassador Farah
[ENA] Addis Ababa March 12/2018 The latest Ethio-Djibouti railway is paving the way for boosting the multifaceted economic integration between the two countries alongside enhancing the historical people to people ties, Ambassador Farah said.

2018-03-12 Port Deal Underscores Djibouti's Reliance On Ethiopia
[ISS] When Djibouti makes international headlines, it is usually in connection with the many superpowers that have built military bases on its shore. France, the United States, China, Italy and Japan all have a major military presence in the tiny East African nation. But for Djibouti's government, there is another major power that is even more important: Ethiopia.

2018-03-12 What US Secretary of State Tillerson Discussed With Djibouti Govt
[State Department] The following is attributable to Spokesperson Heather Nauert:

2018-03-11 East Africans Want Peacekeepers to Stay
[East African] Nairobi -The troop-contributing countries to peacekeepers in Somalia now want the United Nations Security Council to reconsider its resolution on phased withdrawal issued last September.

2018-03-11 The new ambitions of the Doraleh Container Terminal
[allAfrica] Djibouti, République de Djibouti, March 9, 2018 - Following the termination, on February 22, 2018, of the concession contract previously awarded to DP World regarding the operation of Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT), the Republic of Djibouti reaffirms its strategic wish to preserve and develop container terminal activities, respecting the rule of law and in the best interests of all stakeholders. The Société de Gestion du Terminal à Conteneurs de Doraleh (SGTD), an entity creat

2018-03-10 Tillerson's Tour Is About China's Influence and War On Terrorism
[Nation] Of the Kenya-Ethiopia-Djibouti-Chad-Nigeria circuit United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is covering in his first official African outing, he is perhaps only familiar with Nigeria, where the company he headed before joining government - ExxonMobil - drills a lot of oil.

2018-03-09 U.S. Secretary Tillerson Says Ethiopia Needs 'Greater Freedom'
[Deutsche Welle] During a visit to Ethiopia, Rex Tillerson has said the answer to violence in the East African country was greater freedom, and that the country should lift its state of emergency as quickly as possible.

2018-03-07 U.S. Secretary Tillerson's Visit Unlikely to Cut Much Ice With African Leaders
[allAfrica] The visit to Africa by United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, his first since taking office 14 months ago, will do little to shore up the Trump administration's relations with, or reverse America's diminishing influence in the continent.

2018-03-06 U.S. Secretary of State Spells Out Priorities for Africa Visit
[State Department] The text of an address by United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, at George Mason University, Virginia, ahead of his visit to Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Chad and Djibouti. The address is followed by a question-and-answer session.

2018-03-07 Military Force Won't Solve Africa's Problems - U.S. Military Commander
[Africom] A presentation by General Thomas D. Waldhauser, Commander, U.S. Africa Command, to the Armed Services Committee of the United States House of Representatives in Washington, DC:

2018-03-03 Senior State Department Officials Previewing Secretary Tillerson's Travel to Africa
[State Department] Washington, DC -MODERATOR: Good afternoon, everyone, and thank you very much for joining us for today's teleconference. Today we will have senior State Department officials previewing the Secretary's upcoming travel to the continent of Africa. I want to remind you that today's call is on background, and I'll describe the attribution in just a few seconds.

2018-02-26 Crisis On Horn As State Nabs Africa's Most Strategic Port
[CAJ News] Djibouti -NATIONALISATION of Africa's most strategic harbour plans for China to run the facility could put Beijing in charge of the only waterway linking the Indian Ocean to Europe.

2018-02-23 The Government of Djibouti Ends DP World's Concession Contract
[allAfrica] Djibouti, 23 February 2018 -   Pursuant to the law of 8 November 2017 on strategic infrastructure contracts, the Government of the Republic of Djibouti has decided to proceed with the unilateral termination, with immediate effect, of the concession contract awarded to DP World for the operation of the Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT).

2018-02-20 India to Power Ethio-Djibouti Electric Interconnection Line With U.S.$100 Million
[Addis Fortune] After completion, the project will enable Djibouti to import 60MW of energy

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