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2017-09-19 Commuters Fed Up With Addis' Ever Messy Transportation
[Addis Fortune] At the taxi station corners of Qaliti, Gelan Condominium, Emebet Arega begs the people in the first row of a long winding queue to give her precedence to take the coming taxi, despite being the last one in the queue.

2017-09-19 Ethio Telecom Gears Up Monopoly
[Addis Fortune] The monopoly telecom operator, Ethio telecom, will begin registering new mobile phones into the system starting from tomorrow in a bid to prevent smuggled phones in the local market and prevent a telecom fraud committed by breaching the company's satellite network.

2017-09-20 Diverse Cultures and Natural Beauty of Southern Nations
[Ethiopian Herald] Last weekend we have seen that SNNPR is one of the beautiful spots of Ethiopia having varied natural and cultural beauties. The SNNPs without uncertainty is full of tourism attractions that are exciting for anyone who happened to visit them.

2017-09-20 Nationwide Socio-Economic Implications of Aluminum Exporting
[Ethiopian Herald] Very recently, an Ethiopian aluminum company, B&C Aluminum PLC, has started exporting aluminum products to Egypt. And in light with that, this article will probe around the implications of this in terms of the metals and engineering sector's role in saving foreign currency for the country through import substitution, in interlinking with the micro and small enterprises, and the government's role in supporting the industry.

2017-09-20 Jubbaland President Meets With Ethiopian Military Officers in Dolow
[Shabelle] The President of Somalia's southern semi-autonomous region of Jubbaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam known as (Ahmed Madobe) has held talks with Ethiopian military officials in Dolow district, Gedo region.

2017-09-19 Sun Optics, Essilor Couples to Tap Optics' Market
[Addis Fortune] Sun Optical Technologies (SOT), a renowned eyeglass supplier, partnered with Essilor Group, a French-based company, to set up eyecare centres and eyeglass manufacturing plants with an investment capital of about 100 million Br.

2017-09-19 Stalled Water Project Gets Back On Track
[Addis Fortune] A new water supply project, delayed for over eight years finally becomes operational in Arsi Zone, Oromia Regional State, with a cost of 46 million Br.

2017-09-19 WB Approves $600 Million Grant for Safety Net System
[Addis Fortune] The International Development Association (IDA), a wing of World Bank, granted Ethiopia 600 million dollars to help food insecure people and implementation of safety net programs.

2017-09-19 The Ethiopian State - From Ascription to Subscription
[Addis Fortune] In a few weeks, the federal agency, in charge of overseeing polls either for legislative councils or referendums will be back in action. It will carry out a referendum, allowing people in eight Kebeles in Gonder area to decide whether they want to identify themselves with the Qimant, a minority group in the Amhara Regional State.

2017-09-19 Corruption Probe Crawls to Mesfin Tefera
[Addis Fortune] The Federal Police Commission Crime Investigation Division has arrested the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE), Mesfin Tefera, on Thursday, September 14, 2017. This raised the number of individuals arrested in connection with the recent grand corruption turmoil to 129.

2017-09-19 France Swears 2 Billion Br to Finance Controversial Abattoir
[Addis Fortune] The French Development Agency (AFD) pledges close to two billion Birr financing to modernise and relocate Addis Abeba Abattoirs Enterprise on 20ha land within nine kilometres radius from the runway of Bole International Airport- the largest international airport in the country.

2017-09-19 Corbetti to Generate Power Next Month
[Addis Fortune] The first phase of Corbetti Geothermal project is to start generating 20MW of electricity next month. The Geothermal project is located in Corbetti town of the Oromia Regional State.

2017-09-19 Landslide Takes One More Life
[Addis Fortune] Six months after a landslide at Reppi Landfill a.k.a Qoshe took the lives of 125 people; one more person has been added to the list of victims last Thursday, September 14, 2014. The landslide occurred because an excavator failed to pile the garbage properly, according to an eyewitness.

2017-09-19 More U.S. Humanitarian Aid for Somalia and Ethiopia
[Shabelle] Ethiopia's eastern lowlands bordering Somalia are suffering through a severe drought. The rainy season was late and not enough, causing devastating losses among local livestock herds.

2017-09-20 Karary University Awards Chief of Staff of Ethiopia Army Honorary Doctorate
[SNA] Khartoum -Karary University has awarded an honorary doctorate in strategic studies to the Chief of Staff of Ethiopia Armed Forces, Gen. Samora Yunis in recognition of his huge efforts and continued role in cementing ties between Sudan and Ethiopia.

2017-09-19 Lewi Erects Another Resort in Wolayita
[Addis Fortune] Lewi Hotels & Resorts Ethiopia expands to Wolayita Sodo, 312.3Km from Addis Abeba by erecting a new resort. The investment capital amounts to 200 million Br, according to the management of the company.

2017-09-19 ECX Marks High Transaction
[Addis Fortune] The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) has announced that it transacted 33,528tn of coffee, sesame and kidney beans worth 1.17 billion Br during the 23 days of August 2017.

2017-09-19 Italy Promises 3.5 Billion Br to Ethiopia
[Addis Fortune] The Italian government vows a 3.5 billion Br grant to Ethiopia for the execution of various projects and programmes, undergoing with the aid of the Italian Development Cooperation Office (IDCO).

2017-09-19 Tricks to Walk the Talk On New Year Resolutions
[Addis Fortune] As Ethiopia sees off the 'old' and welcomes the 'new', it may be common among many, to plan to change their lives in one way or another. I sometimes wonder if there is such a thing as old or new.

2017-09-20 Veteran Journalist Girma Bogale Laid to Rest
[Ethiopian Herald] The long serving journalist of the Ethiopian Press Agency Girma Bogale laid to rest on Monday.

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