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2018-03-17 Expanding the Political Terrain, State of Emergency
[Ethiopian Herald] The to dos that flared up here and there recently has made Ethiopia put in place a State of Emergency (SoE) once again.

2018-03-16 Why the African Union Needs a Stable Ethiopia
[ISS] African Union (AU) Commission chief Moussa Faki Mahamat has offered his services to the government of Ethiopia amid political upheaval in the country. After months of anti-government protests and security force action, the government earlier this year decided to release several political prisoners. Unrest, however, continues in several parts of the country.

2018-03-16 Ethiopians Cross Into Kenya After Deadly Military Attacks
[Deutsche Welle] Over 8,000 Ethiopians have crossed into neighboring Kenya to seek asylum after government troops killed at least nine civilians in the border town of Moyale, says the International Red Cross.

2018-03-16 UN Pleads for U.S.$80 Million to Feed Refugees in Ethiopia
[Addis Fortune] The United Nations (UN) refugee agencies are requesting for 80 million dollars from donors to provide food assistance to refugees in Ethiopia.

2018-03-16 Work Round the Clock At GERD Site
[Ethiopian Herald] "It is an awe-inspiring experience to visit the construction site of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) at least for two reasons- you observe the commitment of the Engineers and workers with dropped jaws, and amble imagining that this place will form a huge water body in just few years."

2018-03-16 Ethiopian Coffee As Nation's Icon
[Addis Fortune] The French are recognised for their perfumes, the Italians for their fashion and design, and the Germans for their great engineering. Similarly, Ethiopia must strive to have its coffee recognised as a brand as it would bring many economic benefits, write Misgana Gobeze and Sintayehu Girma.

2018-03-16 Between Stone and a Hard Place
[Addis Fortune] Ethiopia's venture in jointly developing the Port of Berbera with DP World and Somaliland has raised eyebrows from its neighbours in the east and the south. Leaders, both in Djibouti and Somalia, have shown their displeasure, prompting Ethiopia's senior diplomats to shuttle to Djibouti, reports Tamrat G. Giorgis, Fortune Staff Writer.

2018-03-16 Export Generates $1.35 Billion in Half Year
[Addis Fortune] Ethiopia can only achieve 60pc of its target from exports during the first half of the current fiscal year, according to a report from the Ministry of Trade (MoT).

2018-03-16 Political Parties Expresses Need for Nat'l Consensus On Creating Stability
[ENA] Members of the Joint Council of National Political Parties have called today for collaborative effort of all Ethiopians in building national consensus on stabilizing the country.

2018-03-16 Linkage of Dry Port, Ethio-Djibouti Railway Line Facilitate Movement of Containers
[ENA] More than 2,000 containers have been transported to Modjjo Dry Port since the dry port was linked to the Ethio-Djibouti Railway line two months ago.

2018-03-16 Security Detain PR Head of Oromia Justice Bureau, Move Signals Growing Crackdown Against Region
[Addis Standard] It has been confirmed that members of the command post overseeing the current state of emergency have this morning detained Taye Dendea, an outspoken senior member of the Oromia regional state's justice bureau. Taye is the head of the bureau's communication and PR department.

2018-03-16 Damat - the Foundation of Humanity, Civilization
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity and ancient civilization. The Northern part of Ethiopia would be noted as the epicenter of politics culture, religion and civilization.

2018-03-16 Ruling Coalition's Meeting on Political Situation Almost Over
[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -In the first official statement five days after it began its Executive Committee meeting, Shiferaw Shigute, secretariat of the ruling EPRDF and Chairman of the SEPDM, told state affiliated FanaBC that the 36 members Executive Committee meeting so far was a success and that EPRDF's Council meeting will be held in mid next week. According to him, the 180 members Council will review "the evaluation reports from all parties, & "fill the leadership gap."

2018-03-16 38 Killed, Ten Injured When a Bus Derailed Off Five Meter Cliff in Legambo, South Wello
[Addis Standard] 38 people were killed yesterday in a tragic traffic accident in Legambo wereda, South Wollo Zone in Amhara regional state, when the bus they were traveling in tumbled off a cliff, according to the Amhara mass media agency. Lagambo is located some 482 Km north of the capital Addis Abeba.

2018-03-16 The 24th Ethio-Djibouti Border Consultative Meeting Concluded
[ENA] Semera March 15/2018 Ethio-Djibouti bilateral relations have helped to promote mutual benefit based on people to people relations as a tool for upholding mutual benefit for both countries.

2018-03-16 Nationals to the Rescue
[Addis Fortune] Sitting at a restaurant, in one of the many hotels in Addis Abeba, to pen an article, I overheard a conversation taking place at the next table.

2018-03-16 Afro-Tsion Seals Sweet Deal for Yirgalem Industrial Park Construction
[Addis Fortune] Afro-Tsion Construction won a bid to construct infrastructure for Yirgalem Integrated Agro- Processing Industrial Park with 1.4 billion Br after vying with six local companies.

2018-03-16 Kangaroo Loses Ibex After Fierce Battle
[Addis Fortune] Justices at the Federal Supreme Court Cassation Bench granted Mahlet Habtewold the long-fought claim to get hold of the trademark rights of the brand Ibex, rejecting Kangaroo Plast's claim of ownership.

2018-03-16 Vaz Pinto Plots Saint George Survival in Kampala
[CAF] Ethiopian flag bearers, Saint George, face a daunting task when they tackle Ugandan giants Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) in the return leg slated for Saturday, 17 March 2018 in Kampala. The two sides settled for a barren draw in the first leg last week in Addis Ababa.

2018-03-15 Swedish Foreign Ministry Calls Ethiopian Ambassador Over Protracted Court Case of Jailed Cardiologist Dr. Fikru Maru
[Addis Standard] The Swedish Foreign ministry has on Tuesday March 13 called Ethiopia's Ambassador to the country, Prof. Merga Bekana, for talks regarding the protracted court case of jailed Ethiopian born Swedish heart surgeon Dr. Fikru Maru, according to Radio Sweden .

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