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2017-07-25 Who Takes the Blame for Ailing State of Healthcare in State Hospitals?
[Addis Standard] "You have to apologize to the health professionals as we believe that you disrespected the professionals and the improvements made in the health sector," reads a letter written in Amharic on 3 July, 2017, and was sent to the national broadcaster, Ethiopian Broadcasting Service (EBS). The letter was written by the Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA) in response to a segment aired on EBS by a talk show host who took the liberty to "disparage the professional integrity of medical practitioners" in hospitals i

2017-07-25 Food Assistance in Need to Rise
[Addis Fortune] The number of people that need humanitarian assistance is expected to rise further in the second half of 2017, according to the Ethiopian Weekly Humanitarian Bulletin, issued on July 17, 2017. Until the first quarter of the year, it has been reported that the number of people requiring humanitarian assistance was 7.8 million.

2017-07-25 EU to Grant U.S.$15.8 Million Fund for Nile Basin Initiative
[Addis Fortune] The European Development Fund (EDF) Committee has given a qualified majority favourable opinion to commit 15.8 million dollars for the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) on July 18, 2017, although Egypt was lobbying against it.

2017-07-25 Two Foreign Companies Run Front to Supply Coal
[Addis Fortune] Two international coal suppliers, Riftcot Limited and HC Trading Plc, gave the lowest offers for the supply of 700,000 tonnes of coal to the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE). The procurement is estimated to cost close to 60 million Br.

2017-07-25 Developmental Assumptions of the Presumptive Tax Directive
[Addis Fortune] Information obtained from the Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority (ERCA) indicates that the Authority carried out a new reassessment of the income of 148,514 businesses that are under category "c", on the basis of the estimated revenue of the daily sales of goods and services. There was tremendous uproar after notices were issued on the results of the estimates and taxes imposed thereon.

2017-07-26 Public Participation Is Essential to Realize the Country's Vision
[Ethiopian Herald] The government frequently made vivid that Ethiopia not only has been registering a double-digit growth, but also undergoing a democratization process anchored in a federal system that guaranteed the respect for the rights of nations, nationalities and peoples in the country.

2017-07-26 Govt Committed to Transform Tourism
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO) said it is committed to transform the tourism sector through creating massive investment opportunities for developers and exploiting the untapped tourism potential of the country.

2017-07-26 Industry, Technology Nexus Expediting Industrialization
[Ethiopian Herald] Efforts are underway to build the capacity of small and medium manufacturing industries at federal level by transferring technology either through training, or consulting, Federal Small and Medium Manufacturing Industries Development Agency said.

2017-07-26 Ministry Eyeing Capacity Building for Quality Education
[Ethiopian Herald] The government is commited to ensure higher education quality

2017-07-26 Unearthing Ethiopia's Industrialists
[Ethiopian Herald] For a country like Ethiopia - with an economy that is largely dependent on agriculture and a population with low purchasing power - small-scale industries should play a key role in it's path towards industrialization.

2017-07-26 Industrial Parks Key to Transform Economy, Livelihoods
[Ethiopian Herald] The construction of Hawassa industrial park was remarkably completed within nine months

2017-07-25 Court Puts Injunction Order On Meter Taxis
[Addis Fortune] Owners of taxis inside Bole International Airport, which have been fighting with the Addis Ababa City Administration Transport Authority (AACATA) over airport taxi services, were granted the injunction they sought to stop the newly imported meter taxis working inside the Airport.

2017-07-25 Development Bank Reshuffles Senior Management
[Addis Fortune] The Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) has reshuffled its directors and district managers and has made a raft of changes to its organisational structure. The Bank assigned 16 new directors and three district managers.

2017-07-25 Time for Ethiopia to Enhance Regional Economic Integration
[Addis Fortune] International trade never used to be an issue, at least, not one borne out of apathy or misrepresentation. Ancient civilisations seldom traded with outsiders, but rarely because they did not want to.

2017-07-25 Reflections On the Social Health Insurance Strategy
[Addis Fortune] Recently, the Ethiopian government's attention has been turned to universal and sustainable healthcare services with decentralised financing. The government has recognised healthcare financing reforms, including health insurance, as part of the strategy to improve access to quality health services in an equitable, efficient and sustainable way.

2017-07-25 Meat Processing Plant Flourishes Near Ziway
[Addis Fortune] Frigorifico Boran Foods Plc, a subsidiary of Allana Group, has finally received an authentication certificate from the Ministry of Livestock Development & Fisheries to export processed meat from its recently built abattoir plant at Adami Tulu, 170km from Addis Abeba.

2017-07-25 One More Hotel Opens On Bole Corridor
[Addis Fortune] Magnolia Hotel & Conference Centre becomes the latest entrant to the hospitality industry with an estimated cost of half a billion Birr, situated on Cape Verde Avenue, opposite the premises of the European Union Delegation to Ethiopia, in Bole District.

2017-07-25 Italy Grants 100 Million Br for Job Skills Training
[Addis Fortune] The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) has approved close to 100 million Br in grant to provide job skills training for people residing in domestic migration prone areas and refugees who come from Eritrea. Aimed at job creation opportunities, the projects will be implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

2017-07-25 Horticulture Dev't Gets Favour
[Addis Fortune] The Ethiopian Horticulture & Agriculture Investment Authority has outfitted 3,000ha of state owned farms located in three sites for horticulture development following a direction from the Office of the Prime Minister. The transfer is waiting for approval from the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) Board.

2017-07-25 Amending Ethiopia's Handicapped Multiparty System
[Addis Fortune] Elections are not the sole indicators of a thriving democracy. If they were, the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)'s landslide victory in the 2015 general election would not have been followed by public protests in major regions of the country within a year. Often, people point to elections as proof of democracy. However, elections are precursors, rather than a signifier of democratic rule.

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