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2018-01-16 Govt to Free 528 People Arrested During Protests
[VOA] Addis Ababa -Ethiopia's top prosecutor said Monday that charges against 528 prisoners detained in connection with anti-government protests would be dropped, and the inmates would be released on Wednesday.

2018-01-15 Ambitious Plan to Restore Forest Landscape Revealed
[Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA -- Ethiopia has planned ambitious programs of forest landscape restoration to resuscitate more than 20 million hectares of degraded forest landscapes within the next 20 years, The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change disclosed.

2018-01-15 A Great Complement to Ethiopian's Fleet
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Cargo and Logistics Services, a division of the Ethiopian Airlines Group , has committed to lease the first two Boeing 737-800 freighters (737-800SF) converted by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) from GECAS, with the first delivery expected in June of 2018, followed by a second in January of 2019.

2018-01-15 Ministry to Launch New Health Care Guideline
[Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - A new primary healthcare guideline would be implemented nationwide to ensure uniformity and quality of health service delivery in all health centers and places, according to Ministry of Health.

2018-01-15 Ethiopia Boosting Economic Relations With Neighbors
[Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA -The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the practice of Ethiopia's economic diplomacy focuses on neighboring countries that have significant contributions and return to ensure sustainable and fast economic growth. Apart from the nearby economic relations, many Asian and some European countries are targets to promote cross-border trade relations.

2018-01-15 Harnessing the Untapped Potential of Fisheries
[Ethiopian Herald] As studies on Fish Resource Development show and predict the need for fish will reach forty million tons between 2025 and 2050 globally.

2018-01-15 Economic Diplomacy Bringing Multifaceted National Benefits
[Ethiopian Herald] It was 17 years back the Ethiopian foreign policy was chalked out incorporating the issues of other domestic policies to address various socioeconomic hurdles. This move laid the bedrock for achieving economic take off, scaling down poverty, ensuring sustainable peace, and facilitating the process of democratization in the country, according to officials.

2018-01-15 Nation Inaugurates Two Universities
[Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - Two new Universities built with an out lay of more than 749 million Birr have gone operational recently. The newly inaugurated higher learning institutions are Mekdela Amba University, located in Mekdela Woreda, South Wollo Zone of Amhara State and Injibara University, located in Awi Zone of the same state. Both Universities have commenced operation each enrolling a first batch of 1,500 students. The students in each University are attending firsrt degree level study in 22 departments under f

2018-01-15 Egyptian Media Misinterpreting Principle V of the DoP On Filling GERD - TNC Chair
[Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - Reports by some Egyptian media about the process of filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) are full of misinterpretations of Principle V of the Declaration of Principles (DoP), says Chairperson of the Tripartite National Committee (TNC) of Ethiopia.The DoP was signed by the leaders of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan on March 2015.

2018-01-15 Ethiopian Trio Set to Dominate Dubai Marathon
[CAJ News] Addis Ababa -ETHOPIAN runners, Aselefech Mergia and Mare Dibaba, will go head-to-head in the women's event when the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon gets underway on January 26.

2018-01-15 New Dams in Africa Could Add Risk to Power Supplies Down the Line
[The Conversation Africa] In the 1980s and 1990s parts of Africa saw a surge in dam building for energy production. After a brief hiatus there has been renewed interested. Many new construction projects are planned and underway across sub-Saharan Africa.

2018-01-13 Donald Trump Should Apologize for Remarks - African States
[Deutsche Welle] African UN ambassadors and the African Union have called for "a retraction and an apology" from Donald Trump after the US president reportedly described them as "s***hole" countries. Trump has denied using the phrase.

2018-01-12 Oromo Refugees Face Bribes, Harassment in Kenya
[IRIN] Nairobi -Ethiopian Oromo refugees fleeing to Kenya to escape persecution say they are finding life on the streets of Nairobi no better than the insecurity they left behind, as they are targeted by bribes and harassment and forced into vast camps with few prospects or protections.

2018-01-12 Soldiers Charged With Terror Plot
[ANGOP] Addis Ababa -Ethiopia's Federal Attorney General on Thursday filed terror-related charges against five Ethiopian soldiers.

2018-01-12 'Peace' of the Tormentor and Resistance Toward Freedom
[Addis Standard] Fostering peace is much more abstruse than waging war or employing violence to address social woes. The multi-dimensional disposition of peace necessitates a wide-ranging approach that addresses all the underlying and deep-rooted factors interposed to the absence of peace in the first place. 'Positive peace' is not merely the absence of war and violence. Instead, it is the presence of justice, freedom and equality in the political, economic and social spheres of society.

2018-01-11 Ethiopian Airlines Plan to Set Up Hubs Across Africa
[East African] Ethiopian Airlines is seeking to set up hubs in southern Africa, Central Africa and the Horn that connect neighbouring countries leading to faster trade, investment and tourism within the continent.

2018-01-11 The Ethiopian Tribe Where a Lip Plate Makes You More Attractive
[Guardian] Across the world, there are people who have not been swayed by the technological advancement but have rather maintained their traditional way of life. Some of this kind of people are found around Lake Turkana and the Lower Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia.

2018-01-10 Only a Strong Opposition Will Dislodge Govt Coalition
[The Conversation Africa] The political protests that destabilised Ethiopia's two largest regional states in 2016 have become a major test for Ethiopia's ruling People's Revolutionary Democratic Front.

2018-01-12 Federal High Court Reverses Decision to Summon Gov. Officials As Defense Witnesses, Angering Defendants - Sentences Seven On Contempt of Court
[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba - The Federal High Court 4th criminal bench has today dismissed its own decision to summon high level government officials as defense witnesses in the case involving senior opposition party officials from the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC).

2018-01-12 Autopsy of Ayele Beyene Says He Died of 'Natural Cause' - Contradicts Co-Defendants Who Say He Died of 'Torture, Neglect in Prison'
[Addis Standard] The autopsy of Ayele Beyene, 29, who died in the last week of July 2017 while he was imprisoned at Qilinto prison, a maximum prison facility on the southern outskirt of Addis Abeba, has declared the cause of his death as "natural."

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