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2017-05-28 Is Islamic Extremism On the Rise in Africa?
[Deutsche Welle] Extremists are increasingly shaping the image of Islam in Africa. But despite warnings that Islam is becoming increasingly conservative in Africa, experts say the religion is also becoming more diverse as a whole.

2017-05-29 Ethiopia Jails Opposition Politician Yonatan Tesfaye
[Al Jazeera] An Ethiopian court sentenced opposition politician Yonatan Tesfaye to six and a half years in prison on Thursday, the state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation reported.

2017-05-28 Where Africa Fits Into China's Massive Belt and Road Initiative
[The Conversation Africa] Chinese President Xi Jinping made it clear at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos that the world should abandon protectionism and commit itself to an open global economy.

2017-05-27 G7 Member States to Cooperate With Africa In Solving Woes
[East African] Taormina, Sicily -Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta is among a host of African leaders who have been invited to this year's G-20 Summit, highlighting the growing role of the continent of global development decision-making fora.

2017-05-26 Editor-in-Chief to Be Freed Despite 18-Month Jail Sentence
[Addis Standard] In what came as a big moment of relief to family and friends, despite it being a further blow to freedom of the press in Ethiopia, the federal high Court 19th criminal bench has this morning sentenced Journalist Getachew Shiferaw editor-in-chief of a local Amharic newspaper Negere-Ethiopia, established by the opposition Semayawi (Blue) Party to one year and six months in jail, a time period he has already served since his first arrest on December 25, 2015.

2017-05-26 High Court Convicts Editor of Inciting Subversion
[CPJ] The Ethiopian Federal High Court's conviction of Getachew Shiferaw, editor of the news website Negere Ethiopia, on charges of inciting subversion is a further blow to press freedom in the country, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today.

2017-05-26 The First Engine Factory Opens in Meqelle
[Addis Fortune] The factory lies on a 30ha plot of land and was erected with 350 million Birr

2017-05-25 Court Jails Former Opposition Exec for Facebook Posts
[Addis Standard] Addis Ababa -The Federal High court fourth criminal bench has today sentenced Yonatan Tesfaye, social media activist and former public relations head of the opposition Blue Party to six years and three months in jail.

2017-05-26 Bereft Sudanese Farmers Call for Swift Action On Ethiopian Border
[Radio Dabanga] El Fashanga -The farmers on Sudan's eastern border in El Fashaga area in El Gedaref refute statements of state Governor Mirghani Saleh regarding the return of all agricultural land in the border strip from Ethiopian farmers.

2017-05-25 Ethiopia Celebrates First African Leader of the World Health Organization
[Deutsche Welle] Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus hopes to expand healthcare access for the world's poor. But his tenure as former Ethiopian health minister has not been without controversy.

2017-05-24 Govt Takes Plunge to Improve Traceability of Speciality Coffee Beans
[Addis Fortune] Ethiopia, the world's fifth-largest coffee producer and home of Arabica, has overhauled the way it markets the commodity in an effort to increase export earnings and clamp down on a thriving domestic black market.

2017-05-23 Africa Rising - Tedros Elected to Head WHO by Wide Margin
[allAfrica] Cape Town -After a bruising end to an aggressive campaign, Africa's choice to lead the UN World Health Organization prevailed over Britain's candidate David Nabarro at the World Health Assembly in Geneva Tuesday. The final vote was 133 for Ethiopia's former health minister to 50 for Nabarro, with each member state having one vote.

2017-05-24 Traction of Diaspora Bonds for Financing Industrialisation
[Citizen] This is the third in a series of articles discussing the concept of bonds, and how their various forms and diversity (treasury bonds, infrastructure bonds, industrial bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, diaspora bonds, sovereign bonds, green bonds, etc) can be used as tools for financing our development. As you may recall, I started writing these series by stating the obvious fact: that in order to succeed, our development visions, policies, plans and strategies must be underpinned by an equivalent tr

2017-05-24 Ethiopian Judicial System Must Win Over Public Trust, Confidence
[Addis Fortune] It is not unusual to hear people preferring not to file cases before the courts to claim their rights through them, despite the fact that article 37 of the Ethiopian Constitution reads "every person has the right to bring justifiable disputes to and to obtain a decision or judgment by, a court of law or, where appropriate, by another body with judicial power."

2017-05-24 Italian Govt Calls for Proposals to Avail €20 Million
[Addis Fortune] The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (IADC), acting on behalf of the Italian government, has called for proposals for its 20 million Euro project called Stemming Irregular Migration in Northern and Central Ethiopia (SINCE). The project is expected to help the challenges of irregular migration in Ethiopia.

2017-05-24 Construction to Get PM Led Council
[Addis Fortune] A new bill, which has been designed by the Ministry of Construction, sent to the office of Attorney General for review

2017-05-24 Political Trust - Key for Overall Well-Being
[Addis Fortune] Do citizens trust the Ethiopian government? Ask a rational person this question, and their answer would probably be something like 'yes and no' or 'well, it depends'. Perhaps trying to answer such broad a question is apparently futile since, first of all, not all citizens will trust their governments.

2017-05-24 Judgment Execution, Another Nightmare for Justice Seekers
[Addis Fortune] If someone once won a civil legal case, which that person had been fighting in courts, and was assured that this person is the winner of the civil case, it does not mean the case is concluded. And a judgment creditor will not be delivered with the property or the money which the court ruled for him/her.

2017-05-24 'All Roads Lead to Universal Coverage' - New WHO Head Tedros
[Al Jazeera] Ethiopia's Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been elected as the new head of the World Health Organization (WHO), becoming the first African to lead the United Nations health agency.

2017-05-23 World Health Assembly Elects Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to Lead WHO
[WHO] Geneva -Today the Member States of WHO elected Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as the new Director-General of WHO.

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