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2017-11-17 IMF - Debt Service to Account for Over 60 Percent of Govt Revenue in Nigeria, Gabon, Angola
[This Day] Abuja -The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that debt servicing costs are becoming a burden, especially in oil-producing countries, noting that such costs were expected to absorb over 60 per cent of government revenues in 2017 in Nigeria, Angola and Gabon.

2017-11-02 Canal+ Launches Triple Play in Gabon - Vivendi Africa Group Makes a Grab for Fixed Bandwidth Ftth Customers
[Balancing Act] London -Vivendi Africa Group is about to make its first big push in its strategy to position itself in francophone Africa as an FTTH provider. In alliance with French Pay TV provider Canal+ it is just starting to offer a Triple Play service in one of Africa's wealthier francophone countries, Gabon.

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