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2017-03-29 New Gambia, New Migration?
[IRIN] Banjul -"I am very happy to be home," said 18-year-old Mohammed Nyabally, sitting on the steps of his uncle's house in Serekunda, a town near The Gambia's coast.

2017-03-28 President Barrow Holds Meeting in Panchang, CRR North
[Foroyaa] The President of the Republic of The Gambia Adama Barrow, as part his nationwide tour on day 3, held a meeting in Panchang, Upper Saloum, Central River Region (CRR) where he received a rousing welcome from the people of Panchang and the surrounding areas.

2017-03-28 Senior Scorpions Out to Save Face Today
[Foroyaa] After being brought back down to earth by a second string Moroccan national team outfit, Gambia will be hoping to right the gaffes in that game today when they face the Central African Republic.

2017-03-28 CHAN Team Draws Morocco
[Foroyaa] Gambia CHAN outfit yesterday tied Morocco's Olympic side goalless.

2017-03-28 GAMCOTRAP Sensitises Circumcisers
[Foroyaa] In its bid to accelerate the abandonment of FGM, the Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices and Affecting the Health of Women and Children (GAMCOTRAP) will conduct its first activity for 50 circumcisers and their assistants in Essau village in the Lower Niumi District from 27 to 29 March 2017.

2017-03-28 Gambia Hosts 43rd OMVG Council of Ministers' Meeting
[Foroyaa] The Gambia through the Ministry of the Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources, is hosting the 43rd OMVG Council of Minister' Meeting at a hotel in Brufut.

2017-03-28 KMC's Five Year Waste Management Plan Validated Bakoteh/Manjai Communities Not Represented
[Foroyaa] The Kanifing Municipal Council, on Friday 24th March concluded its three day validation meeting of its five year waste management plan 2017 to 2021, at the municipality's chambers at Kanifing.

2017-03-28 Report Fairly, Ensure Peace - IEC Chairman
[Foroyaa] In his address to the training of trainers' workshop, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Chairman Alieu Mamor Njai has urged Journalists reporting on elections to do their work in a professional and responsible manner.

2017-03-26 Senegalese President Lauds Buhari's Intervention in Gambia
[Daily Trust] President Macky Sall of Senegal has thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for his intervention in The Gambian impasse that led to the restoration of democracy in the West African country.

2017-03-24 Exiled Gambian Ex-Leader Jammeh Works On Farm in Equatorial Guinea
[News24Wire] Pictures of former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh working on a farm in Equatorial Guinea have emerged on social media.

2017-03-24 EU Deploys 14 Personnel to Observe Legislative Election
[Foroyaa] The European Union under the auspices of its chief observer deployed 14 Long term observers to all the 7 regions of the country to observe the April 6 National Assembly election.

2017-03-24 Police Finds Corpse Buried Without Post Morten
[Foroyaa] Tujereng Police officers, on Friday, 17 March 2017, found the corpse of a woman in virgin land at Tujereng, near Jah Oil. According to family members, the corpse was found along the route she uses when going to the river to buy fish.

2017-03-23 UN Supports Gambia With U.S.$3 Million in Peace-Building
[Foroyaa] Upon completion of his two day visit to the Gambia in which he held discussion with President Adama Barrow, the Assistant Secretary General for peace-building support informed journalists that the United Nations supports the Gambia government with initial 3 million US dollars (150 Million dalasis) allocated by the UN Peace-building Fund.

2017-03-23 Man Dies Soon After Uniformed Men Drag Him Outside His Home
[Foroyaa] A man El Hadrami Mohameden Zayid passed away soon after he was dragged outside his home in the early hours of Tuesday morning by uniformed men purporting to be police officers.

2017-03-23 Press Union Prepares Journalists for Elections
[The Point] The Gambia Press Union (GPU), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), yesterday opened a four-day training course for journalists on election reporting, to prepare them ahead of the National Assembly election.

2017-03-24 President Barrow's Tour
[Foroyaa] The announcement that President Barrow is to undertake a provincial tour has met with divergent views. Many associate the tour with the current electoral campaign for seats in the national Assembly. Some opposition party leaders have expressed concern that the tour is ill timed.

2017-03-24 Nationwide Staff Audit for the Civil Service & Security Forces
[Foroyaa] The personnel Management Office will be embarking on a comprehensive nationwide staff audit for the civil service and security forces across the country beginning March 27th to May 12th 2017. The exercise will be carried out in two phases as follows:

2017-03-24 Prince Sankanu Launches His 'Pain of Sorrow' Film
[Foroyaa] Gambian filmmaker Prince Bubacarr Aminata Sankanu has produced a full length feature film titled "Pain of Sorrow", a social commentary on the challenges faced by women and children, beliefs and social stigma.

2017-03-24 Kiang West Heats Up for National Assembly Election
[Foroyaa] Candidates in the Kiang West Constituency are busy criss-crossing canvassing for votes for the April 6 National Assembly elections.

2017-03-24 Wrestler Manduwar to Battle 'Rambo' April
[Foroyaa] Manduwar is due to mark his first fight of the season next month. The club Jeff Jell star faces Rambo, another sensation from Bakau-based outfit Gomsabop. The clash, billed for 29th April is expected to be staged at the Serrekunda West mini-stadium.

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