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2015-07-06 Guinea, South Africa Join Next Round Party
[CAF] Guinea and South Africa are the latest teams to book their places on Sunday for the next round of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) Rwanda 2016.

2015-07-06 Orange Releases Its SMS Api "Orange SMS Web Service" in Five African Countries
[CIO] Through the Orange Partner developer website, enterprising start-ups from Cameroon, Congo, Guinea, Niger and Senegal will be able, to directly access and use the Orange SMS API for the first time.

2015-07-06 UC Rusal Signs a Multilateral Agreement On the Exploitation of the Existing Railway Infrastructure in the Boke Province, Guinea
[PR Newswire] Moscow -UC RUSAL (SEHK: 486; Euronext: RUSAL/RUAL; Moscow Exchange: RUAL/RUALR), a leading global aluminium producer, announces the signing of a Multi-User Operation Agreement ("agreement") on existing railway infrastructure in the Boke province, Guinea, within the framework of Dian-Dian project.

2015-07-06 UNMEER Chief Wraps Up Visit to Western Guinea, "Confident" in Ability to Reach Zero Ebola Cases
[Global Ebola Response] Throughout most of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the western prefecture of Boke, Guinea, had not experienced a single case. But a recent flare up of cases there has prompted a response surge, with partners even worried about a possible spread of the virus to neighbouring Guinea-Bissau.

2015-07-06 In Buhari's 36 Days, Boko Haram Kills 406 Nigerians
[This Day] Buhari's administration is clearly not making any progress in the war against Boko Haram terrorists. Ever since lost territories were recovered from these bastards by the Jonathan administration, there has not been any proactive/pragmatic effort to minimize suicide bombings by the terrorists. I was shocked when I compiled the casualties in the last 36 days of this administration. 406 innocent Nigerians have been killed in the last 36 days by Boko Haram in the North-east. That is an average of 11 people kil

2015-07-02 A Conversation With - Ripley Ballou, Head of Gsk's Ebola Vaccine Research
[Ebola Deeply] Dr. Ripley Ballou, who heads GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)'s Ebola vaccine research, is also the co-creator of the RTS,S malaria vaccine. Following 30 years researching the malaria vaccine, Ballou led the team that fast-tracked the Ebola vaccine within just a few months.

2015-07-02 Liberia Host International As Ebola Ban Lifted
[CAF] International football returns to Liberia this weekend when they host Guinea in a 2016 African Nations Championship (CHAN) qualifier after the lifting of an Ebola-induced ban.

2015-07-01 Dutch Business Team Set for Liberia, Sierra Leone & Guinea
[FrontPageAfrica] The Hague -A Dutch business delegation is expected to visit Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea beginning July 6-9, 2015 with possible trade and investment opportunities. The Dutch business delegation will be led by Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation. Ms. Ploumen will travel to Monrovia on July 6, and hold discussions with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, meet with relevant agencies and senior government Ministers including the National Investment Commission and Finance and Developm

2015-06-30 Ebola Genome Insights Indicate That Containment Worked
[SciDev.Net] The Ebola virus mostly spread nationally in Sierra Leone, according to the latest study of its genome, indicating that containment efforts at its borders may have worked.

2015-06-29 Guinean, 28, Jailed for Impersonating As American
[LINA] A Guinean national has been incarcerated at the Monrovia Central Prison pending trial for allegedly impersonating as an American citizen.

2015-06-29 UN Human Rights Council - Adoption of the Universal Periodic Review of Guinea
[HRW] Since 2010, the Guinean government has made progress in addressing the serious human rights problems that characterized Guinea for more than five decades, including the successful completion of parliamentary elections in 2013, a reduction in abuses by the security services, and some gains in addressing long-standing impunity.

2015-06-26 Ebola Numbers Are Increasing Again
[NEWS] Despite dramatic drops in the overall numbers of reported cases, Sierra Leone and Guinea are still struggling to stop the deadly disease. Their West African neighbor Liberia was declared Ebola free in May but there are fears that the disease could resurface as Guinea and Sierra Leone continue to experience cases.

2015-06-26 Caid Essebsi Receives Credentials of New Ambassadors in Tunis
[Tunis Afrique Presse] Carthage -President Béji Caid Essebsi received, Friday, credentials of seven new ambassadors from sisterly and friendly countries in Tunis.

2015-06-26 Nimba Health Team Urged to UP Border Surveillance
[LINA] The Head of Incident Management System (IMS) at the Ministry of Health, Deputy Minister Tolbert Nyenswah, has called on local authorities and the County Health Team of Nimba to strengthen border surveillance to curb recurrence of Ebola virus in that part of Liberia.

2015-06-24 Malaria Deaths in Guinea Likely to Exceed Ebola Toll As Patients Shun Clinics
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -The Ebola outbreak in Guinea may have led to 74,000 new cases of malaria going untreated, causing a spike in malaria deaths likely to be much higher than the Ebola toll, researchers said on Wednesday.

2015-06-24 Ebola Could Stay Longer in Guinea, S/Leone
[NEWS] The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is still not over amid reports that the disease could still longer in Guinea and Sierra Leone than expected. Health officials continue to report cases in the two countries, raising fear in the subregion.

2015-06-24 No Plan to Close Borders
[New Dawn] The Government of Liberia says it has no plan to close borders with neighboring countries despite upsurge in new cases of the Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The Liberian authorities maintain that the decision to keep the borders open is to make sure citizens have free access in and out of Liberia.

2015-06-23 Health Authorities Begin Border Surveillance
[New Dawn] Health authorities of Bong County have begun major cross-border surveillance at strategic points along the Guinean-Liberian borders.

2015-06-24 Mano River Peace Network Launched
[New Dawn] The official launch of the Mano River Women Peace Network or MARWOPNET- 1325 taken place in Monrovia. The organization - launched at the YMCA on Crown Hill on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, will promote the rights and participation of women in the country.

2015-06-23 Five Minutes With Dr. Facinet Yattara - 'In Boke, Reticence Led to an Uprising'
[Ebola Deeply] The Guinean district of Boke, home to the world's largest bauxite deposits and to a key mine, is critical to the country's economy. Last month, mining operations were overshadowed by violence when youths staged an uprising, angry at government efforts to remove a suspected Ebola patient from her home. Dr. Facinet Yattara, regional coordinator from the National Ebola Response Center, spoke with Ebola Deeply.

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