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2016-08-22 Anti-Govt Rally - 500,000 Protesters, 1 Stray Bullet
[African Arguments] What was behind the mass opposition rally in Conakry?

2016-08-18 Man Killed as 500,000 Join Opposition Rally
[Al Jazeera] A man has been shot dead by police at an anti-government rally in Guinea's capital, according to officials, as more than half a million people protested against alleged state corruption.

2016-08-16 Guinea Consoles Liberia for Death of Minister Mcclain
[LINA] Guinean Ambassador to Liberia, Mr. Abdoulaye Dore, has on behalf of his Government expressed heartfelt condolences to the Government and people of Liberia for the death of the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Chief of Staff to the President of Liberia, Dr. Edward B. McClain, Jr.

2016-08-10 Why Reconciliation Is Crucial
[OSIWA] On June 29, 2016, the Provisional National Commission on Reconciliation (CPRN) co-chaired by Guinea's highest religious figures submitted its long awaited final report to President Alpha Condé. The report was the conclusion of a process that started on August 2011, when the president mandated the commission to listen to as many ordinary citizens and opinion leaders alike on how best to reconcile Guineans.

2016-08-01 Togolese PM Commends Ebola-Hit Countries
[LINA] Togolese Prime Minister Komi Sélom Klassou has commended Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone for their efforts that defeated Ebola in the three countries.

2016-07-27 Ebola Response Crippled By Low Stocks of Vital Items
[SciDev.Net] Manchester -Glass vials, coolers and chicken eggs needed for vaccine manufacture are the first things lacking when a global pandemic breaks, so governments should stockpile them or be ready to rapidly increase their supply, a UK conference has heard.

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