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2015-03-30 Obama Announces Nairobi Visit
[The Star] US President Barack Obama is set to visit Nairobi in July for the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

2015-03-31 Kenya Struggles With Rising Alcoholism
[IPS] Nairobi -Despite legislative attempts to curb drinking, Kenya is still facing its greatest threat from alcohol abuse. Calamities associated with excessive intoxication - dementia, seizures, liver disease and early death - have done little to deter users.

2015-03-30 Blame Game Doesn't Help Address Sexual Vulnerability of Girls
[Key Correspondents] "Finding I was pregnant and dropping out of school was not the hardest thing to deal with - that was finding out I was infected with HIV," whispers Kanze, 15, as if afraid that people may hear what she is saying.

2015-03-30 Britain Tightens Travel Warning On Kenya
[Shabelle] Britain toughened its warning to citizens travelling to Kenya, telling them to avoid most coastal resorts including the region's main airport at Mombasa, another blow to the east African country's battered tourist industry.

2015-03-30 Police Detains 52 Over Suspected Islamist Attack
[Shabelle] Police detained 52 people on Friday in Kenya's main port city, a day after an officer was killed in a suspected Islamist revenge attack, heightening tensions in an area where the authorities say militant Islamist is spreading.

2015-03-31 Dredging Diani for SGR Sand Will Damage Tourism
[The Star] TOURISM stakeholders on the South Coast have condemned the sea-sand harvesting project at Port Reitz, Mombasa.

2015-03-31 Obama to Tour Kenya in July
[The Star] PRESIDENT Barack Obama has finally decided to visit Kenya, in July this year, a year-and-a-half before he completes his term in office.

2015-03-31 Kidero in-Law Forms Party
[The Star] THE youngest son of Tom Joseph Mboya has registered a new political party.

2015-03-30 U.S. President Obama to Visit Kenya in July
[Capital FM] Nairobi -US President Barack Obama will become the first sitting American President to visit Kenya, come July.

2015-03-30 Tobiko, EACC Form Team to Probe 'List of Shame' Graft Claims
[The Star] A multi-agency team was formed on Monday to investigate individuals named in the EACC's corruption report.

2015-03-30 #IDefineMe
[AI London] Kenya hosts hundreds of thousands of people who have fled neighbouring countries. The government has long seen refugees as a possible national security threat, feeding a long-standing history of prejudice and xenophobia against the Somali community. The targeting of the Somali community came to a peak during Operation Usalama Watch in 2014. Amnesty International documented how thousands of people were arrested, harassed and ill-treated, had money extorted, or were rounded up and forced into camps. Hundreds

2015-03-30 I Am Ready to Step Down Over Corruption, Says IEBC Boss Isaack Hassan
[The Star] IEBC chairman Isaack Hassan has said he is ready to step aside if found on the EACC graft list.

2015-03-30 The Most Interesting 60 Days in Kenyan History?
[The Star] PRESIDENT Kenyatta's crackdown on corruption is the biggest such effort in Kenyan history.

2015-03-30 Eight MPs Decry Raids
[The Star] EIGHT politicians were yesterday enjoined in a case in which Turkana residents have accused Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery of failing to stop continuous raids by bandits in the county.

2015-03-30 Uhuru Insists Governors Linked to Graft Must Step Aside
[Capital FM] Nairobi -President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged governors and other elected leaders named in the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission report to allow the due process of the law to be followed to vindicate them and cease dragging the name of Deputy President William Ruto in their arguments.

2015-03-30 You've Overstepped Your Mandate, Governors Tell Uhuru
[Capital FM] Nairobi -The Council of Governors now says any complaint lodged against a governor as the elected head of a county government is insufficient to warrant stepping aside.

2015-03-30 Chinese Trade Lobby Speaks Out in Defence of Closed Restaurant
[The Star] A lobby group for Chinese businesses abroad has called for fair handling of the case against the Chinese restaurant accused of racial discrimination.

2015-03-30 Kenya Needs Sh20 Billion for TB
[The Star] Kenya requires Sh20 billion to effectively fund tuberculosis programmes in the next four years, National TB and Leprosy Disease Programme (NTLD-P) has said.

2015-03-30 DP Put My Name in Graft List - Rutto
[The Star] Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto yesterday said his name was included in President Uhuru Kenyatta's graft list because he has been telling Deputy President William Ruto the truth.

2015-03-30 Myths Cause Blood Shortage in Eastern and Central
[The Star] Residents in Eastern and Central do not donate blood because of myths associated with the exercise.

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