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2016-10-28 Detectives Raid Ministry of Health Over U.S.$49 Million Fraud
[Capital FM] Nairobi -Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) detectives have raided the Ministry of Health headquarters at Afya House over the misappropriation of up to Sh5 billion.

2016-10-28 Note 7 - How Not to Manage a Crisis
[Nation] When Samsung released the Note 7 mobile phone in August ahead of arch rival Apple's iPhone 7, the South Korean giant hoped to blaze a trail as the most innovative smartphone maker.

2016-10-28 Teachers to Push for Speedy Implementation of New Pay Deal
[Nation] Teacher's union officials and their employer will today meet with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House following the signing of a salary increase deal early this week.

2016-10-28 Shooting Incident - U.S. Embassy to Remain Closed
[Nation] The United States embassy, including its consular section, will remain closed today following the shooting incident outside the embassy on Thursday.

2016-10-28 KDF Jets Bomb Al Shabaab Stronghold in Gedo Region
[Shabelle] Kenyan defense forces (KDF) military jets are reportedly launched an airstrike on Al shabaab camp near Bardere city in Gedo region on Friday, a local resident said. The aerial bombing against the militant base by KDF warplanes came after Al shabaab fighters staged an attack on army bases in Ali Hared area, about 20Km away from Juungal district.

2016-10-28 Judges Philomena Mwilu and Isaac Lenaola Sworn in
[Nation] Lady Justice Philomena Mwilu and Justice Isaac Lenaola have been sworn in as the Deputy Chief Justice and Judge of the Supreme Court of Kenya, respectively.

2016-10-28 Man Shot Dead Outside U.S. Embassy in Kenya
[Deutsche Welle] A man has been shot dead by police outside the US Embassy in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. Officials said police acted in self-defense after the assailant stabbed an officer.

2016-10-28 Kenyatta Says Teachers to Be Assessed More Rigorously After New Pay Deal
[Nation] President Uhuru Kenyatta has said teachers will be assessed more rigorously now that the government has granted their demands for higher pay.

2016-10-28 Mombasa Muslim Women Accuse Kadhi Court Officials of Sexual Harassment
[Nation] Muslim women have accused officials at the Kadhi courts in Mombasa of sexually harassing them when they seek help on gender violence and divorce cases.

2016-10-28 Three Killed as Bus Collides With Shuttle
[Nation] At least three people were killed on Friday after a bus ferrying pupils from western Kenya to Nairobi collided with a shuttle at Sachangwan on the Eldoret-Nakuru highway.

2016-10-28 PNU Backs Kenyatta Re-Election, Munya Installed Party Leader
[Nation] The Party of National Unity (PNU) has agreed to support President Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election in 2017 even after refusing to dissolve and join his Jubilee Party.

2016-10-28 U.S.$6.6 Billion Has Gone Into U.S. Election Campaigns
[Capital FM] Washington -Many think the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump political duel is the greatest political rivalry of our time.

2016-10-28 Mwilu Sworn-in As Deputy Chief Justice, Lenaola As Supreme Court Judge
[Capital FM] Nairobi -Lady Justice Philomena Mwilu and Justice Isaac Lenaola were Friday sworn-in as the Deputy Chief Justice and Judge of the Supreme Court of Kenya respectively.

2016-10-28 Education Ministry Sets Tough Measures to Curb Exam Cheating
[Capital FM] Nairobi -The Ministry of Education has announced more tough measures to curb cheating which include the banning of geometrical boxes and clipboards.

2016-10-28 Lady Justice Mwilu Sworn-in as Deputy Chief Justice
[Kenya Presidency] Lady Justice Philomena Mwilu and Justice Isaac Lenaola were today sworn-in as the Deputy Chief Justice and Judge of the Supreme Court of Kenya respectively.

2016-10-28 Telkom Orange, Sliders Face Off as Title Race Enters Homestretch
[Nation] Champions Telkom Orange tackle Sliders on Sunday at the City Park Stadium in the pick of this weekend's Kenya Hockey Union Women's Premier League matches.

2016-10-28 Thuranira Appointed to Occupational Therapy Board
[Nation] Nairobi Doctors union secretary Alex Thuranira Kuagiria has been appointed to the Council for Occupational Safety and Health under the Labour ministry.

2016-10-28 KNEC Bans Geometrical Sets, Clipboards in Exam Rooms
[Nation] The national examiner has banned the use of geometrical sets and clipboards in exam rooms in a bid to curb cheating.

2016-10-28 Sofapaka Confront AFC Leopards in Do-or-Die Clash
[Nation] Former champions Sofapaka face AFC Leopards on Friday in a-do-or-die Kenyan Premier League match at the Kenyatta Stadium, Machakos.

2016-10-28 Huge Field for KRA Golf Tourney
[Nation] A field of 160 players drawn from various clubs will converge on the par-72 Ruiru course for the KRA golf tournament.

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