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2015-10-07 El Niño Rains Now Here, City Residents Told
[Nation] Nairobi residents have been told to watch for El Niño rains from Thursday.

2015-10-07 Nairobi Road Named After Tanzanian President
[The Star] Nairobi has named a road next to State House after Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete.

2015-10-06 UN Agency Staff Linked to Terror
[Nation] Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery yesterday linked some workers at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to terrorism in Kenya.

2015-10-06 Uganda Opposition to Meet With Raila On How to Win Elections
[The Star] UGANDAN opposition leaders arrived in Kenya yesterday for an unprecedented meeting with Cord leader Raila Odinga.

2015-10-06 Battling the Resource Curse
[Africa In Fact] Oil company buildings can be seen for miles in the oilfields of South Sudan: vast structures glittering with light and promise in an area of mud huts with no electricity. Or, as Celeste Hicks puts it, describing another African state, as if "a shimmering piece of twenty-first century technology has landed like a spaceship on the hazy Saharan horizon".

2015-10-06 New Tax Send Stock Market Plummeting
[Africa In Fact] Since Kenya reintroduced a 5% capital gains tax (CGT) in January, its stock market has plummeted.

2015-10-06 New Procedure to End Use of Adult Diapers
[The Star] A new treatment procedure, Sacral Nerve Stimulator (SNS), to help patients with chronic dysfunction of the urinary, bowel and pelvic floor conditions has been introduced at Aga Khan University Hospital.

2015-10-07 Kuria to Give List of Witnesses
[The Star] Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria yesterday said he will soon unveil the names of witnesses he procured for the Kriegler and Waki commissions.

2015-10-07 Kericho 'Outsiders' Idea is Tribalist, Unworkable
[The Star] Former Roads minister Franklin Bett has called for the nullification of the appointments of what he calls 'outsiders' at the Kericho-based Kenya Tea Packers.

2015-10-07 BET's 'Top Actor' Africa Season 2 Auditions Hit Nairobi
[Capital FM] The auditions for the BET hit reality show Top Actor Africa will be held at the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi this Saturday October 10th 2015, as the hunt for the hottest acting talent graces Kenya. At stake will be a role to star in series 2 of Top Actor Africa, the TV series that puts a dramatic new spin on the reality genre. During the auditions, BET will be looking to unearth talented actors of every description -- from heartthrob heroes and comedians, to villains and femme fatales.

2015-10-06 Facebook Ready to Beam Free Internet to Remote Regions in Kenya
[Nation] Facebook has begun taking steps to beam free high-speed internet to the remote parts of Kenya in a move likely to scare local telecommunications firms.

2015-10-06 Educate Residents On El Nino, Kiambu Told
[The Star] Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi has told the county government to educate residents on the dangers of El Nino rains, especially areas most affected.

2015-10-06 CS Amina Challenges G7 to Support WTO Conference to Be Held in Nairobi
[The Star] The G7 group of countries should ensure the 10th Ministerial Conference to be held in Nairobi is a success, Foreign CS Ambassador Amina Mohamed has said.

2015-10-06 Settle the Displaced, Amnesty Tells Leaders
[The Star] THE national government should compensate all residents affected by major projects in the region, an international rights organisation has said.

2015-10-06 Police Arrest 550 Students in Sex, Alcohol and Drugs Party in Eldoret - Video
[Nation] A group of 550 students, most of them minors, have been arrested in a basement disco in Eldoret where they are suspected to have gone on a hedonistic rampage of drugs and possibly sex.

2015-10-06 Support Centre Offers Care, Hope to Refugees From South Sudan
[UNFPA] Kakuma -Every once in a while, Joyce Dabor is jolted from sleep by memories of the day she was separated from her children. It was the day they finally escaped the bloody conflict in South Sudan.

2015-10-06 Kenya to Forcefully Repatriate Refugees and Close 'Terror' Camps, Says Nkaissery
[The Star] Kenya will repatriate all Somali refugees and close camps in the northern region, Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery has said.

2015-10-06 Take Teaching As a Calling, Not Conduit for Personal Gain - Ex-Teacher
[Nation] Being a teacher should be a calling and not a platform for personal gains, a former long serving teacher has said.

2015-10-06 Tobiko Wants Muthama, Mutahi Ngunyi Charged, Orders Further Probe On Kuria Panga Remarks
[The Star] Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi and Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama have cases to answer, Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko has said.

2015-10-06 Kenya and Tanzania to Jointly Fight Terrorism, Drug Trafficking and Poaching
[The Star] Kenya and Tanzania have agreed to scale up cooperation in the war against terrorism, drug trafficking and poaching.

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