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2016-02-06 Netflix Has Broadband Providers Quaking
[East African] Following the recent expansion of American online content streaming company Netflix around the world, Internet users in Rwanda are wondering whether they will enjoy quality online entertainment given limited broadband and prohibitive prices in the country.

2016-02-06 Tweets on Hague Court Overstate the Case
[East African] A tweet from the Twitter handle #PresidentoftheRepublicofKenya boldly confirmed that the African Union's January Heads of State Summit ended with a resolution that the AU would develop a roadmap to begin withdrawal from the International Criminal Court.

2016-02-07 Sort Out Football Mess
[Nation] The abrupt resignation of Football Kenya Federation's Electoral Board treasurer is a worrying development.

2016-02-06 Date of Next Elections Must Not Be Changed
[Nation] National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has called for a rethink of the date for the next General Election that was set for August 8, 2017, arguing that it is likely to cause a financial crisis, as MPs will not be around to approve the Budget.

2016-02-06 Tunoi Vows to Face Tribunal As Elders Admit Row Reached Them
[Nation] Supreme Court Judge Philip Tunoi on Friday said he will fight on to save his career after a special committee found he had inappropriately interacted with a litigant in a matter that was pending before the top court.

2016-02-06 Joho Gives Njiraini 24-Hour Ultimatum to Open Businesses
[Capital FM] Nairobi -Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has now taken the battle over his shut Container Freight Stations to the doorstep of Kenya Revenue Authority boss John Njiraini with threats to file contempt charges against him.

2016-02-06 National Elections in Doubt As Mareka Resigns
[Capital FM] Nairobi -Football Kenya Federation national elections may not take place on Tuesday next week as scheduled after Electoral Board treasurer David Mereka tendered his notice to resign.

2016-02-07 Kenya's Think Tank Kippra Tops Africa in Global Index
[Nation] The Kenya Institute for Public Policy and Research Analysis (Kippra) has been ranked the top think tank in sub-Saharan Africa in 2015 by the Global Go to Think Tank Index Report

2016-02-07 The Professional Perspective On Domestic Violence
[Nation] At 33, Kizzie Shako spends her days collecting evidence for cases of violent crime in an effort to find justice for the hurt. You will find her at disaster scenes such as terrorist attack locations, assisting in dead body management, and helping identify bodies or their parts.

2016-02-07 'Song of Lawino' Still Controversial Half-a-Century On
[Nation] This year marks the 50th anniversary since the publication of Okot p'Bitek's poem, Song of Lawino. The significance of this poem was at least in three ways. It demonstrated the centrality of orality in the region's poetic imagination, it confronted the issue of

2016-02-07 Row Rages Over Cord Aspirant's Malindi Seat Academic Papers
[Nation] A row over the academic qualifications of the Cord aspirant for the Malindi parliamentary by-election raged Friday.

2016-02-07 Jubilee Party to Hold Series of Rallies Ahead of March Launch
[Nation] The new Jubilee Party has planned 20 county meetings ahead of its launch in March as the 2017 elections inch closer.

2016-02-07 Dilemma for Cord As Wetang'ula Set to Launch Bid for the Top Seat
[Nation] Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang'ula will launch his State House bid at the end of the month and has expressed confidence that he will clinch the Cord ticket in the presidential nominations.

2016-02-07 Government Destroys 44 Containers of Sugar and Rice
[Nation] Forty-four containers of smuggled sugar and condemned rice were Friday destroyed in the Indian Ocean.

2016-02-07 Out Goes Paddy Rice Farming, in Comes a New Efficient Method
[Nation] Time seems to be up for paddy rice farming as researchers unveil a new method of growing the important cereal.

2016-02-07 Cotu Threatens to Dump Health Insurance Deal
[Nation] Cotu has threatened to pull out of an agreement with the national health insurer if there is a change of management at the scheme.

2016-02-07 Sub-County Offices to Stay, Says Governor
[Nation] Nakuru Governor Kinuthia Mbugua has defended his decision to run temporary offices at the 11 sub-county headquarters, saying this will enable him to interact with residents on a one-on-one basis.

2016-02-07 Trans Nzoia, Bungoma to Hold Investor Conferences
[Nation] Bungoma and Trans Nzoia county governments will hold international investor conferences next month.

2016-02-07 Freight Stations Plan to Sue KRA Boss Over Contempt
[Nation] Two container freight stations associated with the family of Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho plan to commence contempt proceedings against Kenya Revenue Authority Commissioner-General John Njiraini.

2016-02-07 Kaparo Team to Probe Calls for Ethnic Vote in Nairobi
[Nation] The national cohesion agency is investigating politicians asking their communities to vote in "one of their own" in Nairobi during the 2017 elections.

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