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2015-11-27 Pope Visits the Poor, Lashes Out At Rich Minorities
[Deutsche Welle] Nairobi -The visit by Pope Francis to a slum in the Kenyan capital Nairobi was one of the highlights of his tour of three African countries. Residents of Kangemi slum welcomed him with open arms. DW's Daniel Pelz was there.

2015-11-27 Beloved Author Binyavanga Suffered Stroke
[BooksLive] Kwani Trust has set up a fundraiser to raise resources for urgent medical treatment for beloved Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina.

2015-11-27 Pope Urges Kenyans to End Corruption, Tribalism
[East African] Pope Francis, in his last public address in Kenya has termed corruption as evil and a clear path to death, reminding those engaging in the vice that they "will not take the loot to the grave."

2015-11-27 Improve or Destroy, Pope Tells World Leaders Ahead of Paris Climate Talks
[East African] Pope Francis has called on world leaders to reach a historic agreement to fight climate change and poverty at the Paris climate change conference dubbed COP21 that starts on Tuesday, saying that the world has a choice either to improve or to destroy the environment.

2015-11-27 Student Pays Fees From Guinea Fowl Farming
[The Star] A second year student at Technical University of Kenya is paying his fees by rearing guinea fowls in Kangema subcounty, Murang'a county.

2015-11-27 Wall Not on Our Land, Say Somalia MPs
[The Star] Somalia MPs have made an about-turn and now say Kenya has not encroached on their territory in its construction of a security wall at the border.

2015-11-27 Song and Dance As Pope Francis Arrives for Kangemi Mass
[The Star] Jubilation, song and dance greeted Pope Francis at a church in Kangemi, Nairobi, on Friday where he will preside over a Mass.

2015-11-27 Tea Prices Stable at Mombasa Auction
[The Star] Tea prices at the weekly Mombasa auction have remained stable into the last stretch of the fourth quarter, giving high returns to traders compared to last year.

2015-11-27 Pope Francis Condemns Landgrabbing in Kenya, Says It Is 'Sin Against God'
[The Star] Pope Francis has condemned 'faceless private developers' saying he is aware that they "even attempt to appropriate the playgrounds of your children's schools".

2015-11-27 Pope Says Failure of Climate Summit Will Be Catastrophic
[CISA] Pope Francis has warned of a "catastrophic" outcome if vested interests blocked an agreement to tackle climate change at the UN talks opening in Paris next week.

2015-11-27 Kenya Wins As ASP Adopts Text On ICC Recanted Evidence
[Capital FM] Nairobi -The Kenyan delegation in The Hague has registered a major victory after the Assembly of States Parties adopted a report reaffirming that recanted testimony against Deputy President William Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang will not be used.

2015-11-27 The People's Pope
[The Star] Pope Francis started his day yesterday by meeting Muslim and other religious leaders before leading an open-air mass attended by thousands of pilgrims who braved the morning rains. The cheerful crowd danced and ululated as he arrived in an open popemobile.

2015-11-27 Pope Hits At 'Faceless Private Developers', Condemns Land Grabbers
[Nation] Land injustices in the country should be put to an end, Pope Francis has said.

2015-11-27 Did Kenya Score a Victory At the 14th ASP?
[The Hague Trials Kenya] Final is #VictoryAtASP. The executive arm of ASP, The Bureau has agreed with Kenya on the issue of #Rule68

2015-11-27 Sara Nanaa Speaks Out On Ugly Break-Up After Busting Cheating Fiance With Her Best Friend
[The Star] After busting her cheating fiancé and cancelling all their wedding plans, singer and event manager Sara Nanaa has finally spoken about the ordeal.

2015-11-27 Thousands Turn Up for First Papal Mass in Africa
[CISA] Pope Francis celebrated a historic Mass in Kenya on November 26, a day declared a national public holiday on his first visit as a pontiff to Africa.

2015-11-27 Pope Francis Bids Kenya Farewell, Shepherd One Leaves for Uganda
[The Star] Pope Francis left Kenya at 3.51pm on Friday after a three-day visit whose last day included a compelling warning against 'sweet' corruption.

2015-11-27 Judiciary to Clear 4,000 Children Cases in Five Days At Milimani Court
[The Star] The Judiciary plans to hear over 4,000 children cases in five days to clear a backlog at Milimani law courts.

2015-11-27 Thousands of Enthusiastic Youth Throng Stadium to Meet Pope Francis
[Kenya Presidency] Thousands of enthusiastic young people thronged Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani this morning for a meeting with Pope Francis.

2015-11-27 TSC Denies Withholding Union Dues
[Nation] The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on Friday said it does not owe teachers' unions any dues.

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