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2017-03-09 Nation Not Ready for Elections, Says Former PM Thabane
[News24Wire] Lesotho's former prime minister Tom Thabane says the mountainous kingdom is not ready for elections, citing security concerns.

2017-03-08 King Dissolves Parliament, Elections Expected Soon
[News24Wire] Lesotho's King Letsie has dissolved the mountainous kingdom's parliament, paving way for an election within three months, BBC Live said on Tuesday.

2017-03-02 PM Mosisili Loses Vote of No-Confidence in Parliament
[Al Jazeera] Lesotho's prime minister has lost a no-confidence vote in parliament, deepening the political uncertainty in the mountain kingdom ahead of a snap election likely within three months.

2017-03-01 The Bureaucratisation of Politicians in Lesotho
[Daily Maverick] Politically tense times, and the gunshots that accompany them, are growing more routine in Lesotho as it faces snap elections that are likely to lead its second coalition government - like its first - to an early demise. By CHARLES FOGELMAN.

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