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Jun 2, 2016  Liberia/Global: Financial Secrecy at Work
    "Finance Uncovered, working with an anonymous Liberian journalist, has exposed a little-known offshore business registry that has created tens of thousands of anonymous companies and registered them to a non-existent address in Monrovia, Liberia's capital city. Although these companies are technically a creation of Liberian law, management of the registry is based in the United States and appears to have the support of the US government. ... Our investigation has discovered over half a billion pounds of high-value London property registered to Liberian offshore companies."

September 10, 2014  West Africa: Ebola Response Scale-Up Urgent, Uncertain
    "The best way to help Africa stem the tide of the current Ebola epidemic is by rapidly investing in and deploying basic infectious control measures like gowns, gloves, water, and sterilization tools, coupled with health worker and community health trainings in how to properly use them." - Adam C. Levine, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Brown Medical School

Jan 17, 2008  Liberia: Firestone Challenge Advances
    Workers at the Firestone Rubber Plantation in Liberia have for the first time won representation under a free union vote, throwing out the officials of a company-controlled union. The vote took place in July last year, but it took two court decisions and an unauthorized strike before officials finally agreed to negotiate with the new union and hand over their company-collected union dues. The union recognition is only a first step, however, in changing a system of brutal exploitation of child labor and virtual bondage for the rubber tappers.

Aug   1, 2007  USA/Africa: Questioning AFRICOM, 1
Feb   9, 2007  Liberia: Debt Cancellation Overdue
Mar 19, 2006  Liberia: Johnson Sirleaf in New York, Washington
Oct 10, 2005  Liberia: Elections Necessary, Not Enough
Dec 12, 2004  Liberia-Sierra Leone: Consolidating Peace?
Nov 12, 2003  Liberia: Peace Process Implementation

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Africa Policy E-Journal (1995-2003)

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2003-07-29 Liberia: Peacekeepers Still Awaited
2003-07-03 Liberia: Waiting for Washington
2003-06-26 Liberia: War Escalates, White House Indifferent to Crisis
2003-06-01 Liberia: Churches call for Peace Support
2002-02-05 Liberia: Elections and Human Rights
1997-12-11 Liberia: Human Rights Report
1997-08-16 Liberia: Election Commentary
1997-06-29 Liberia: FOL Testimony
1996-12-23 Liberia: FOL Report, 2
1996-12-23 Liberia: FOL Report, 1
1996-10-02 Liberia: JPC Update
1996-07-29 Liberia: WOA Update/Alert
1996-05-27 Liberia: Recent Documents, 2
1996-05-27 Liberia: Recent Documents, 1
1996-04-29 Liberia: WOA Letter to Clinton
1996-04-11 Liberia: Action/B'ground Docs,2
1996-04-11 Liberia: Action/B'ground Docs,1
1996-01-29 Liberia: UN Report (excerpts)
1995-10-22 Liberia: More U.S. Support Needed
1995-09-16 Liberia: U.S. Policy (part 2)
1995-09-16 Liberia: U.S. Policy (part 1)

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