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2017-05-30 Justice Banks Postpones Global Witness Ruling
[Observer] Associate Justice Philip A.Z. Banks yesterday postponed his ruling on whether or not to review Judge Yamie Quiqui Gbeisay's decision not to mark the Global Witness (GW) leaked documentary evidences as permanent.

2017-05-29 All Candidates Will Run
[New Dawn] President Ellen Johnson - Sirleaf says all "political candidates" will participate in the October 2017 presidential and legislative elections, adding that the process will be successfully [conducted], though she did not make any further clarity whether or not those battling against a Code of Conduct here are inclusive.

2017-05-29 'Gbarpolu Sealed for Boakai'
[Observer] Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai's journey to the Liberian presidency continues to receive major boosts through numerous endorsements. But, the biggest of all so far from the northwestern part of Liberia was sealed for the Unity Party (UP) candidate by the people of Gbarpolu.

2017-05-29 Urey Left in the Cold?
[New Republic] The All Liberian Party (ALP) is somehow looking like a 'body without shoulders' as its much-heralded three-party Coalition with the Liberia National Union (LINU) and Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) is falling apart in thin air.

2017-05-29 'Liberia Not Hustle Ground'
[New Republic] Ahead of the October 10, 2017 legislative and presidential Elections, the Youth Ambassador for Peace (YAP), Professor Patrice L. O Lumumba has urged Liberians not to see their country as a place of come, grab and go. He said Liberia is not a 'hustle ground' and that Liberians must make the right decision in the much anticipated elections.

2017-05-29 ALP Writes Inter Religious Council
[New Dawn] The All Liberian Party (ALP) of Liberian businessman Benoni Urey has written the Inter Religious Council here,providing reasons why it did not participate in the 24 May Inter-Party Inaugural meeting organized by the religious council.

2017-05-29 Linu Pulls Out of Coalition Talks
[New Dawn] An opposition party here, the Liberia National Union or LINU has with immediate effect pulled out of coalition talks with the All Liberian Party of businessman Benoni Urey and the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction or MDR of Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson.

2017-05-29 Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency Conducts Thematic Session for Agents
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -The Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) has embarked on strategies in combating drug addictions in Liberia that have taken over the young people.

2017-05-29 ALP Won't Honor Inter Religious Council Initiative
[Observer] The All Liberia Party (ALP) has informed the Inter Religious Council of Liberia that it won't attend its inter-party inaugural meeting.

2017-05-29 Carter Center Congratulates Liberians On Passage of Landmark Mental Health Act
[FrontPageAfrica] Atlanta -The Carter Center congratulates Liberia on the passage of its first law to improve health care for people with mental illnesses and prevent discrimination against them.

2017-05-29 Amid Executive Order 84, Artisan Fishermen Worry About Vessels From Asia
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -Many artisan fishermen in West Point, Liberia biggest slum, and a place well known for fishing; have reacted strongly against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recently passed Executive Order 84 which allows industrial vessels greater access to fish in Liberia's coastal waters.

2017-05-29 Associate Justice Banks Holds Second Argument in Sable Mining Bribery Case
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -Associate Justice Philip Banks has announced the holding of another argument in the Sable Mining bribery case involving key former and current government officials.

2017-05-29 Ellen Makes Final Push
[New Republic] With about ten months left to the extremity of her two-term presidency, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is making an apparent last minute push in a bid to 'put the last nail in the development coffin.'

2017-05-29 IREDD Launches 2017 Electoral Integrity Platform
[Observer] To ensure transparent elections in October, the Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) has launched Liberia's 2017 Electoral Integrity Platform to promote monitoring and reporting on the activities of candidates and political parties in the ensuing elections.

2017-05-29 EJS On Africa's Rejection
[NEWS] President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has described Africa Day an explicit affirmation of Africa's rejection of colonial and imperialistic domination of the Continent.

2017-05-29 Illicit Financial Flows Hindering Development
[New Republic] The head of the African Organization of Public Accounts Committees (AFROPAC) has said illicit financial flows are serving as impediments and hindrances to national development.

2017-05-29 Rural Schools in Deplorable Conditions
[New Republic] Schools, both private and public, in the rural parts of the country are said to be in deplorable conditions, as the Country Director of an International Non-Governmental Organization, Supporting Program in Community Empowerment (SPICE) has alarmed.

2017-05-29 INCHR Condemns Soldiers Attach On Civilians
[New Dawn] The Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR) expresses shock over the violent disturbance that took place in Wainsue, Bong County.Personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia from the Camp Tubman Military Barracks in Gbarnga allegedly brutalized civilians of the community on May 19 and 20, 2017. The soldiers action is been linked to the refusal of a private motorcyclist to take a female soldier to Gbarnga.

2017-05-29 Pres. Sirleaf Identifies With Muslims
[New Dawn] President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has identified with the Islamic Community in Liberia as Liberian Muslims begin Holy month of fast and prayer. An Executive Mansion release says, President Sirleaf called on all those of the Islamic faith to pray for the nation as they go through their long month of fast and prayer.

2017-05-29 Lawmakers Afraid of Me
[New Dawn] Liberty Party Standard Bearer, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine says lawmakers endorsing the candidacy of Vice President Joseph Boakai are afraid of him."They are afraid of me because I have promised to cut their salaries, benefits and special allowances. This is something I will do if given the presidency come this October's election. The lives of our people should be improved during our administration and one way to change things for the better is huge salaries cut,"Brumskine emphasized during a visit to s

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