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2017-05-28 How African Countries Can Harness the Huge Potential of Their Oceans
[The Conversation Africa] Over the past decade there's been a steady rise across Africa in the attention given to the responsible use of the oceans to contribute to economic growth - or what's known as the Blue Economy. The opportunities around Africa's blue economies are enormous with significant potential to create jobs and improve livelihoods.

2017-05-27 UN Calls On Rival Groups to Halt Violence
[UN News] Condemning the surging violence in Tripoli, the top United Nations official in Libya called today for an immediate end to fighting in and around the capital and for rival groups to "put Libyan national interests" ahead of their own.

2017-05-25 Is Libya a Failed State?
[Deutsche Welle] With multiple governments, a collapsing economy and local militias competing for power, is Libya a failed state? Our guest is Martin Kobler, Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya.

2017-05-24 Tripoli Hold Zamalek
[The Herald] Five-time African champions Zamalek were held to a surprise goalless draw by Al Ahli Tripoli in a CAF Champions League Group B encounter in Tunisia last night. The Libyan side have to play their matches in Tunisia because of unrest in their country. Having fallen to a 0-3 defeat at the hands of USM Alger of Algeria in their first match, Al Ahli Tripoli were expected to be easy prey for Zamalek.

2017-05-24 1,500 Medical Professionals to Get Jobs in Libya
[Monitor] Kampala -Arrangements have been finalised for Ugandan medical professionals to get employment in Libya, in the move to enhance the fight against unemployment in the country.

2017-05-23 UN Refugee Agency Ramps Up Response As Libya's Humanitarian Crisis Deepens
[UN News] Conflict, insecurity, political instability and a collapsing economy have contributed to the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Libya, prompting the United Nations refugee agency to announce plans to step-up its presence and programmes there.

2017-05-21 UN-Backed Govt Forces Execute Troops - Report
[HRW] Beirut -Forces aligned with the United Nations-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) attacked a military base and allegedly executed at least 30 captured soldiers, Human Rights Watch said today.

2017-05-22 Libya Must Release Refugees Held in Detention Centers, Says UNHCR Chief
[Deutsche Welle] Thousands of people fleeing conflict and persecution have been detained by Libyan authorities. The UN refugee agency's chief has called for them to be freed as the agency boosts its presence in the North African country.

2017-05-21 Troops Attack Airbase, Allegedly Execute Victims
[UN News] United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres is deeply concerned about the military escalation at the Brak al-Shati air base in southern Libya and calls on all parties to exercise restraint and restore calm, the UN chief's spokesman said today.

2017-05-22 Statement By the Spokesperson On the Attack At the Brak Al-Shati Air Base in Libya
[PR Newswire] Brussels -Violence is not a solution to Libya's challenges. It can only put at risk the ongoing work to find a peaceful and negotiated solution to the political and security crisis.

2017-05-22 Joint Statement On the Recent Violence Around Brak Al-Shatti Airbase
[PR Newswire] London -Joint Statement by the Ambassadors to Libya of the People's Republic of China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America on the recent violence around Brak Al-Shatti airbase.

2017-05-17 1,268 Nigerians Voluntarily Returned From Libya in 5 Months - Nema
[Premium Times] The National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, said 1,268 Nigerians voluntarily returned from Libya from December 15, 2016 to May 16, 2017.

2017-05-16 Germany, Italy Float EU Mission to Stop Migrants in Southern Libya
[Deutsche Welle] Germany and Italy have reportedly demanded an EU mission along Libya's southern desert border to stop migrants trying to reach Europe. Both countries said current efforts to stop human smuggling are not working.

2017-05-14 Presidents Who Came to Power At 40 and Below
[Monitor] Emmanuel Macron was elected President of France last Sunday in an internationally popular presidential election. It is believed that the election was a disguised referendum on the European Union (EU) in France. If his opponent, Marine Le Pen had won, chances were high that France would leave the EU. France had last had a young leader in the 1880s when Napoleon Bonaparte led the republic. Macron's election has generated a debate over a new generation of presidents taking power. While this seems to be the no

2017-05-12 Migrants Bought and Sold Openly in Libya 'Slave Markets'
[IPS] Rome -Hundreds of migrants along North African migration routes are being bought and sold openly in modern day 'slave markets' in Libya, survivors have told the United Nations migration agency, which warned that these reports "can be added to a long list of outrages" in the country. The International Criminal Court is now considering investigating.

2017-05-12 Another Set of 258 Nigerians Return From Libya
[Premium Times] No fewer than 258 more Nigerian returnees from Libya arrived the country on Thursday aboard a chartered Airbus A330-200 with registration mark 5A-LAT operated by Libya Airlines.

2017-05-11 5,500 Nigerians to Be Deported From Libya, Mali
[Vanguard] A total number of 5,500 Nigerians are set to be deported from Mali and Libya, over various migration offences ranging from Hunan trafficking, smuggling of migrants, and non possession of valid travel documents.

2017-05-09 Four Arrested As They 'Tried to Travel to Lybia to Join Isis'
[Nation] Three Kenyans and a Somali refugee were arrested in South Sudan on suspicion they were travelling to Libya to join the Islamic State.

2017-05-10 Another Batch of 250 Nigerians in Libya to Return Home Tomorrow
[Vanguard] The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said on Wednesday that another batch of 250 Nigerians would voluntarily return to the country from Libya on Thursday.

2017-05-08 Enforced Disappearance of Tripoli Activist
[HRW] Geneva -A Tripoli-based activist, Jabir Zain, remains missing after being abducted on September 25, 2016, by an armed group linked to the Interior Ministry of the United Nations-backed Government of National Accord, Human Rights Watch said today.

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