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2017-11-17 Plague Outbreak - Where Does It Still Exist and Could It Spread?
[The Conversation Africa] An outbreak of plague has been occurring in Madagascar, with more than 2,000 cases and 170 deaths reported since August 2017.

2017-11-05 Pneumonic Plague Slowing, But Not Over
[VOA] The World Health Organization says an outbreak of pneumonic plague in Madagascar appears to be slowing. But, it warns vigilance must be maintained as the spread of the disease is far from over.

2017-11-02 World Bank Gives Govt U.S.$5 Million to Fight Plague Crisis
[East African] The World Bank has approved an additional $5 million funding to help Madagascar cope with the plague outbreak.

2017-10-31 Fatal Madagascar Plague Under Control
[] No new cases of plague outbreak have been reported in Madagascar in the past ten days, and the numbers have stabilised in many districts which have previously reported active cases.

2017-10-31 Telma Madagascar Fuels Growth, Innovation Using Sicap's Mobile Device Solutions
[CIO] Sicap Schweiz AG, the global mobile device management vendor announced that Telma Group (Madagascar) the leading telecom operator in the country utilizes the company's Mobile Device Management Centre (DMC), USSD and USSD Menu Browser solutions for fueling its mobile growth and enabling innovative value-added services such as its MVola mobile banking application and prepaid online reload service.

2017-10-29 WHO Releases $500,000 to Contain Plague, Marburg
[East African] Kenya and Tanzania are among counties identified by the World Health Organisation as likely hotspots for the plague that has ravaged Madagascar and a recent Marburg virus disease outbreak in eastern Uganda.

2017-10-30 Four Chinese Experts Arrive in Madagascar to Fight Against Plague
[Focac] Antananarivo -A group of four Chinese experts arrived Saturday in Antananarivo, Madagascar's capital, to help the African island nation fight against plague.

2017-10-27 SA at Risk of Importing Plague
[] The World Health Organisation (WHO) says nine countries, including South Africa, are at a high risk for importing the plague which has claimed over 100 lives in Madagascar.

2017-10-26 WHO Warns Nine Countries to be on High Alert for 'Black Death'
[News24Wire] South Africa is one of nine countries which have been warned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to be on high alert for "black death".

2017-10-24 Govt Enhances Border Scrutiny After Plague Hits Madagascar
[Capital FM] Nairobi -The Ministry of Health has increased surveillance of visitors coming from Madagascar following a plague outbreak in that country.

2017-10-20 Red Cross Warns Stigma Could Worsen Madagascar Plague Outbreak
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Yaounde -The death toll from the plague which is spreading in Madagascar has risen close to 100, and the Red Cross has warned that growing stigma attached to the disease could undermine efforts to contain the outbreak.

2017-10-20 Plague Cases Top 1,000 Mark - UN
[VOA] The number of cases of plague in Madagascar has doubled during the past five days, according to the United Nations.

2017-10-18 Statelessness Affects Millions. Madagascar Is Tackling the Problem
[The Conversation Africa] Three years ago the United Nations took steps to try and address the issue of statelessness by putting in place a 10-point plan that aims to reduce the number of people who are not recognised as a national by any state.

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