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2017-03-28 Gao Between Fear and Hope
[Deutsche Welle] A unity conference began in Mali's capital, Bamako, to kick-start reconciliation as mandated by a peace accord signed in 2015. It's a step towards stabilizing the whole country. But what do Malians in the north hope for?

2017-03-26 Tuareg Factions to Boycott Mali Peace Conference
[Al Jazeera] Mali's main Tuareg factions say they will boycott talks with the government next week on implementing a 2015 peace agreement, dimming hopes of attaining peace in the West African country.

2017-03-17 Minister of Minerals Meets General Consul of Mali
[SNA] Khartoum -Minister of Minerals, Dr Ahmed Mohamed Sadiq Al-Karuri said that Sudan has presented a pure Sudanese experiment in field of mining work and managed in the recent period to attract investments of multi -national companies.

2017-03-10 UN Expert Calls for Stronger Protection of Civilians Amid Ongoing Violence
[UN News] Serious security threats in north and central Mali put local populations and humanitarian aid workers at risk, a United Nations human rights expert said today.

2017-03-07 Soldiers Killed in Attack As Violence Surges
[Al Jazeera] Eleven soldiers have been killed and five wounded in an attack on a military base in Mali as rival armed groups surrounded the city of Timbuktu.

2017-03-06 Armed Groups Block Interim Govt
[Premium Times] Armed groups on Monday took over parts of Timbuktu to prevent Malian interim authorities from being installed there, under a peace pact meant to end years of lawlessness, the defence ministry said.

2017-03-08 Soldiers Killed As Mali Rebels Defy Government
[CAJ News] Bamako -ARMED groups are openly violating ceasefire agreements by carrying out attacks at checkpoints occupied by the Malian Armed Forces, killing at least 11 officers in the defiance. The violations have been prevalent in Timbuktu, in the north of the country. The armed groups are opposed to the installation of the Taoudenit interim authorities, which was originally scheduled for Monday, and represents a crucial step in the implementation of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement in Mali. Two checkpoints have bee

2017-02-28 Govt Evacuates 41 Trafficked Girls From Mali
[Premium Times] The Federal Government on Monday evacuated 41 Nigerian girls who were trafficked to Mali for forced labour and sexual exploitation.

2017-02-28 Trafficking - Govt Evacuates 41 Girls From Mali
[Daily Trust] The federal government yesterday evacuated 41 Nigerian girls who are victims of human trafficking from Bamako Mali.

2017-02-28 Nigerian Human Trafficking Victims Deported From Mali
[This Day] About 41 Nigerian girls who were victims of human trafficking billed to be taken to Europe through road and sea were monday deported from Mali, their enroute destination.

2017-02-27 Under-20 Coach Sets Eyes On Mali After Winning Start
[Zambia Reports] After a winning starting in the Under-20 Africa Cup, Zambia coach Beston Chambeshi has set his eyes on Mali too to secure a semi-final slot with victory on Wednesday.

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