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2017-08-09 UN Chief Says 'Disagreements' Over Referendum Results Must Be Addressed Peacefully
[UN News] Following Mauritania's 5 August constitutional referendum, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has encouraged all stakeholders to ensure that disagreements are addressed peacefully within the confines of the law and respect for the rights to freedom of assembly and expression.

2017-08-07 Voters Support Abolition of Senate, Handing President Aziz a Victory
[Deutsche Welle] Mauritanians have voted in a referendum to abolish their Senate, in a victory for President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. Opposition groups say Aziz is laying the groundwork for a third term in power.

2017-08-05 Country Votes in Controversial Constitutional Referendum
[Deutsche Welle] Mauritanians go to the polls to vote in a controversial constitutional referendum boycotted by several opposition parties and civil society groups. Saturday's vote is overshadowed by accusations of government corruption.

2017-08-06 Mauritanians Head to Polls in Controversial Referendum
[RFI] Mauritanians voted Saturday in a referendum on constitutional reform that would mean abolishing the country's Senate and changing the national flag. Critics see it as a covert power grab.

2017-08-05 Mauritanians to Vote On Controversial Constitutional Changes
[Al Jazeera] Campaigning has ended in Mauritania, a day before voters head to the polls to decide on controversial constitutional reforms.

2017-08-07 Mauritania Votes On Controversial Constitutional Reform
[Al Jazeera] Mauritanians are voting on contentious constitutional changes sought by President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz that some opposition legislators say could prompt slide towards authoritarian leadership.

2017-08-02 Why Mauritania's Crucial Referendum May Only Be the First of Many
[African Arguments] "What is really important to [President Aziz] is to have direct and unconditional access to the constitution to modify it as he pleases."

2017-08-03 Mauritania - UN Rights Office Voices Concern About Unrest Ahead of Constitutional Referendum
[UN News] The United Nations human rights office today expressed concern about the ongoing unrest in Mauritania, ahead of the constitutional referendum scheduled for Saturday, particularly the apparent suppression of dissenting voices and the reported use of excessive force by the authorities against protest leaders.

2017-07-27 Mauritania Hostsgo-Wamer Conference
[The Point] Nouakchott -The regional coordination unit of Go-WAMER has commenced a five-day sub-regional conference in governance, marine resource, management policies and poverty reduction in the Eco-region.

2017-07-24 Thomas Kojo Sets Record in Mauritania
[Observer] Deputy national soccer coach Thomas Kojo proved that he has a future with the national team, Lone Star when his boys defeated Mauritania 1-0 yesterday in the return-leg of their home-based African Cup of Nations tournament, a report confirmed by LBS radio.

2017-07-19 The Battle for Nouakchott On Sunday
[Observer] Coach James Salinsa Debbah may be asking himself so many questions as his boys failed to "show their juice" last Sunday in the first leg of the African Cup of Nations at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

2017-07-17 Sports - Chan 2018 Qualifiers: Mauritania Defeat Liberia 2-0
[Observer] Things continue to get worse for the Lone Star in continental competitions after they were defeated 2-0 by Mauritania in the first leg of the African Nations Championship qualifiers at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Liberia.

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