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2016-10-21 UN Experts Concerned About Situation of Jailed Anti-Slavery Activists in Mauritania
[UN News] Voicing serious concern over recent intensified crackdown by the Mauritanian Government on the imprisoned anti-slavery activists, a group of United Nations human rights experts today urged the authorities to ensure a fair hearing and provide needed medical treatment for the detainees.

2016-10-20 Govt Stifling Jailed Anti-Slavery Activists - UN Experts
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Dakar -U.N. human rights officials accused the Mauritanian government on Wednesday of stifling anti-slavery campaigners jailed for up to 15 years for their alleged role in protests against forced eviction in the capital.

2016-10-19 Reform in the Sahel - Mars, Mauritius or Mauritania?
[Daily Maverick] Plans are afoot to extract more value and better integrate fishing into the Mauritanian economy. Doing so will require a break from the past - including making considerable investment in infrastructure, implanting a new set of policies, and ensuring a new way of doing things. The sector is a key test for a country which could, if it walks its own talk, become a regional exemplar. By GREG MILLS.

2016-10-17 Algeria, Mauritania to Promote Scientific Fishing Cooperation
[Algerie Presse Service] Algeria and Mauritania expressed Saturday in Nouakchott their will to develop cooperation in the fishing industry, by enhancing scientific research and exchange of expertise.

2016-10-11 President of Mauritania - Outcome of National Dialogue Is Boosting to Peace Efforts
[SNA] Khartoum -The President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and current chairman of the Arab League, Mohamed Ould Abdel-Aziz, has expressed his confidence that implementation of the Sudanese national dialogue's outcome will provide a big boost to the peace and development process in the country.

2016-10-03 Africans Suffer Setbacks in Safety and Rule of Law - Report
[allAfrica] Cape Town -Africa's premier survey of the performance of its national governments says safety and the rule of law have on average declined across the continent.

2016-10-02 Govt Intensifies Crackdown On Anti-Slavery Activists - Campaigner
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Dakar -Mauritanian anti-slavery activists jailed last month have been tortured in detention and transferred to a remote desert location in an "intensification of repression" by the state, a leading campaigner said.

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