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2017-07-25 Rumoured Killings in Bakassi - Nigerian Community Refutes Allegations
[Cameroon Tribune] A crisis meeting chaired by the SDO of Ndian held on July 20, 2017 in Idabato.

2017-07-19 A Forgotten Community - the Little Town in Niger Keeping the Lights On in France
[African Arguments] Welcome to Arlit, the impoverished uranium capital of Africa.

2017-07-18 How Jobs Can Help Niger Win the War Against Boko Haram
[IRIN] Demobilising ex-combatants as part of a peace deal is hard to do at the best of times. But increasingly - from Kenya to Somalia - it's being tried in the middle of ongoing anti-insurgency conflicts, which adds a whole new level of complication.

2017-07-07 Boko Haram Ups Its Pressure On Niger
[IRIN] There has been a worrying upsurge in Boko Haram violence in Niger's southeastern Diffa region, adding to the caseload of an already underfunded humanitarian crisis.

2017-07-04 Boko Haram Suspected in Deadly Niger Attack
[Al Jazeera] Suspected Boko Haram fighters have killed at least nine people and abducted as many as 40 others in southeast Niger, according to local officials.

2017-06-28 UN Agency Saves 600 Stranded Migrants in Sahara Desert, but 52 Dead in Niger
[UN News] The United Nations migration agency in Niger has saved more than 600 lives since April 2017 through a new search and rescue operation that targets migrants stranded in Sahara Desert, but 52 did not survive.

2017-06-27 Dozens Feared Dead After Being Abandoned in Desert
[Al Jazeera] Dozens of people are feared dead after human traffickers abandoned them in Niger's northern desert without food or water, a senior local official said on Monday.

2017-06-24 AU Welcomes UN Resolution of Joint Force for Sahel States
[Premium Times] The African Union, AU, on Friday welcomed the UN Resolution for the deployment of a joint force for the Group of Five for Sahel States, FC-G5S.

2017-06-24 5.6 Million Children At Risk of Waterborne Diseases As Rainy Season Hits Communities Affected By Lake Chad Crisis
[Unicef] Dakar/ Geneva/Abuja -More than 5.6 million children are at increased risk of contracting waterborne diseases, such as cholera and diarrheal infections, as the rainy season begins in conflict-affected areas of countries around Lake Chad, UNICEF warned today. The threat of disease outbreaks in Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria coincides with growing regional insecurity and increased population movements particularly in Nigeria's northeast.

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