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2017-03-15 Niger Politician Jailed Over Baby-Trafficking
[Deutsche Welle] Hama Amadou, an opposition leader in the Sahel state of Niger has been sentenced to a year in prison on a charge of baby-smuggling. Amadou's defense lawyers have claimed that the ruling is politically motivated.

2017-03-14 Opposition Leader Sentenced to Jail in Absentia for Baby Smuggling
[VOA] An appeals court in Niger has found an exiled opposition leader guilty of baby smuggling and sentenced him to one year in prison. Hama Amadou, who was the main challenger to President Mahamadou Issoufou in last year's presidential election, has been living in France and was tried in absentia.

2017-03-15 Opposition Leader in Court Probe Over Baby Trafficking
[Deutsche Welle] Niger's opposition leader Hama Amadou, who was forced to run his campaign for the presidency from a prison cell, is being investigated for baby trafficking. Some suspect political intrigue.

2017-03-10 Eritrea to Ethiopia, Mosul Worsens, and Boko Haram Bombs - the Cheat Sheat
[IRIN] Geneva -Every week, IRIN's team of editors takes a look at what lies ahead on our humanitarian agenda and curates a selection of some of the best reports, opinion, and journalism you may have missed:

2017-03-08 Jails Reduced to Breeding Ground for Terrorists
[CAJ News] Lagos -NIGERIA'S overcrowded prisons have been cited as a fertile ground for recruiting Boko Haram terrorists and other extremists carrying out deadly attacks in the West African country. The problem is most rife at the Kirikiri medium security prison in the commercial capital of Lagos where more than 3 500 inmates, including 208 females are held. The female prison currently has about 11 babies and 6 pregnant women. The facility is meant to hold 1 700 inmates. Of major concern is that a majority of these are awai

2017-03-01 Donors Meeting in Oslo Pledge Aid to Crisis Hit Lake Chad Region
[Deutsche Welle] Donors at a one-day conference have pledged a third of the UN's humanitarian appeal for the Lake Chad region. More than half of the region's population are in need of humanitarian aid.

2017-03-01 Lake Chad Basin - World's Most Neglected Crisis Rages On
[Al Jazeera] On Friday, February 24, the countries of the Lake Chad region - Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria, donor governments such as Norway and Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, and international organisations are gathering for the Oslo Humanitarian Conference on Nigeria and the Lake Chad Region.

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