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Jan 24, 2010  Rwanda: Beyond Reasonable Doubt
    "The April 6, 1994 assassination of Rwandan President Habyarimana was the work of Hutu extremists who calculated that killing their own leader would torpedo a power-sharing agreement known as the Arusha Accords. The landmark deal would have ended years of conflict by creating a broad-based transitional government and an integrated Rwandan army. ... Despite the far-fetched conspiracy theories that have circulated over the years, the assassination plot was relatively straightforward. Colonel Bagosora was intimately familiar with the president's travel schedule and sufficiently powerful that the night before the summit, he was able to change the composition of the Rwandan delegation to ensure that Army Chief of Staff General Deogratias Nsabimana - who opposed Bagosora's genocidal plans - would be on the president's plane." Mutszinzi Report,

Apr 21, 2009  Rwanda: Genocide Anniversary Reflections
    "Before the 10th anniversary, the international movement known as Remembering Rwanda was motivated by a fear that the genocide was being forgotten by the rest of the world. That concern has proved premature. Rwanda is probably as well known today as any tragic event very far from western countries, and causing direct harm to none of them, can be. ... Yet at the same time, as in virtually every other genocide, denial is alive and kicking." - Gerald Caplan

Jan 28, 2009  Congo (Kinshasa): Risky Steps towards Peace
    The UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC) has announced that it is providing logistical support for the joint Congolese-Rwandan military operation in eastern Congo, to maximize protection of civilians and reintegration of rebel forces into the Congolese national army. MONUC was not informed of the operation in advance, and there are real fears for the consequences for civilians. Nevertheless, most observers see the move, reflecting new agreement between Rwandan and Congolese governments, as a prerequisite for more fundamental peace-making measures.

Feb   5, 2008  Africa: Dramatic Anti-Malaria Results
Dec 21, 2005  Rwanda: Gift for Life
Dec 21, 2005  Rwanda: "Peace Cannot Stay in Small Places"
Mar 31, 2004  Rwanda/UN: Acknowledging Failure
Mar 31, 2004  Rwanda/USA: "The System Worked"

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Africa Policy E-Journal (1995-2003)

2001-09-04 Rwanda: Bystanders to Genocide
2000-07-08 Rwanda: OAU Report
1999-12-18 Rwanda: UN Report
1999-04-03 Rwanda: "Leave None to Tell the Story"
1998-05-26 Rwanda: Genocide and U.S. Policy, 2
1998-05-26 Rwanda: Genocide and U.S. Policy, 1
1998-02-26 Rwanda: Life after Death, 2
1998-02-26 Rwanda: Life after Death, 1
1997-08-24 Rwanda: Recent Documents, 2
1997-08-24 Rwanda: Recent Documents, 1
1997-03-07 Rwanda: Recent Documents, 2
1997-03-07 Rwanda: Recent Documents, 1
1996-09-27 Rwanda: HR Abuses against Women
1996-04-04 Rwanda/Burundi: Recent Documents, 2
1996-04-04 Rwanda/Burundi: Recent Documents, 1
1995-11-09 Rwanda: Refugee Report, part 2
1995-11-09 Rwanda: Refugee Report, part 1
1995-09-12 Rwanda: Recent UN Documents
1995-08-04 Rwanda/Burundi: InterAction Statement
1995-05-30 Rwanda: HRW Arms Report
1995-05-24 Rwanda: Recent Documents, Part 2
1995-05-24 Rwanda: Recent Documents, Part 1
1995-02-24 Rwanda: Updates from AAAC and from UN Security Council

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