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2017-03-29 Residents of Seychelles' La Digue Island Can Soon Buy Shares in Prized L'union Estate
[Seychelles News Agency] Inhabitants of La Digue, Seychelles third-most populated island, will soon be eligible to buy shares in the island's most prized and valued landmark -- L'Union Estate.

2017-03-27 Freedom of Information Bill to Be Sent to National Assembly
[Seychelles News Agency] The Seychelles' Vice-President said legislation concerning the freedom of information will go to the National Assembly for approval in April.

2017-03-28 New Rwandan High Commissioner to Seychelles to Focus On Trade, Investment and Tourism
[Seychelles News Agency] Trade and investment, tourism, and institutional reforms are the main areas that the newly accredited Rwandan High Commissioner to Seychelles hopes to work on.

2017-03-26 'Unsinkable' Vessel With Storied History to Be Restored to Former Glory
[Seychelles News Agency] The 'Isle of Farquhar,' a three-masted schooner that is currently in a dilapidated state, is soon to be restored to its former glory, according to its owner.

2017-03-27 Lack of Hotel Rooms On Mahe a Setback, Says Head of Seychelles Tourism Board
[Seychelles News Agency] Seychelles' main island, Mahe, does not have enough hotel rooms to cater to the rising demand by tourists, the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) said Monday.

2017-03-27 Seychelles Hosts First Poetry Festival - Bling Bling Nod
[Seychelles News Agency] A fusion of words, mimes and music combined to make Seychelles' first poetry festival.

2017-03-25 Tender Opens for Organisation of Miss Seychelles Beauty Pageant 2017
[Seychelles News Agency] The Creative Industries and National Events Agency, CINEA, has launched the tender for the organisation of this year's Miss Seychelles Beauty Pageant.

2017-03-24 New EU-Funded Fishery Project Underway On Island
[Seychelles News Agency] A European Union-funded project to build a fish market and gear store on La Digue, the third-most populated island of Seychelles, has begun.

2017-03-24 More Motorcycles On Seychelles' Roads As Islanders Seek Ways to Beat Bad Traffic
[Seychelles News Agency] Does it seem like there are more motorcycles on the roads of Seychelles? That may not just be a figment of your imagination, as drivers are turning toward the two-wheeled vehicles to beat bad traffic.

2017-03-23 Big, Big Fish - Grouper Caught in Seychelles Could Set World Record
[Seychelles News Agency] A 22-year-old world record could be broken by a fish caught in Seychelles' waters, the local representative of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) said earlier this week.

2017-03-22 Seychelles Plants 400 Palm Trees As Part of Queen's Commonwealth Canopy Initiative
[Seychelles News Agency] To mark the end of Commonwealth week, a tree planting activity was held in one of Seychelles' national parks, contributing to the number of trees being planted in the country under the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) initiative.

2017-03-21 New Chief of Petroseychelles Sets Oil Exploration At the Top of Agenda
[Seychelles News Agency] Bringing back oil companies to restart active exploration in the Seychelles' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is at the top of the agenda of the new chief executive of PetroSeychelles.

2017-03-20 Fishing Industry - Seychelles' Economy Will Suffer If Tuna Catch Rules Are Followed
[Seychelles News Agency] The economy of Seychelles will be negatively affected if the country conforms to the decision of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) to use 2014 as the reference year to reduce yellowfin tuna catch by 15 percent, officials in the island nation's fishing industry said Friday.

2017-03-20 Campaign for a Healthier, More Active Seychelles Gaining Steam
[Seychelles News Agency] As Seychelles' health authorities lead a campaign of 'Bouze' - meaning move with the aim of having a healthier nation - more locals and visitors are becoming engaged in outdoor physical activities.

2017-03-21 A Love Story With Seychelles - Claude Pavard Celebrates 40 Years of Island Enchantment
[Seychelles News Agency] In his recently launched publication on the Seychelles, well-known French cinema director, photographer and reporter Claude Pavard recalls what he has seen and discovered throughout his voyages to the islands.

2017-03-17 Seychelles' Juvenile Giant Tortoises Electronically Tagged to Deter Poachers
[Seychelles News Agency] Trials to implant micro-chips on fist-sized giant tortoises are underway on Curieuse Island as the Seychelles National Park Authority (SNPA) implements new measures to prevent illegal trading of juvenile tortoises.

2017-03-16 President Danny Faure Assents the Appropriation Act 2017
[Government of Seychelles] The President of the Republic, President Danny Faure assented the Appropriation Act 2017 during an official document signing ceremony this afternoon at State House.

2017-03-16 Structural Changes in the Ministry of Finance, Trade & Economic Planning
[Government of Seychelles] President Danny Faure has announced that in view of the increasingly heavy workload of the Finance & Trade Department, he is creating a separate Department for Trade.

2017-03-15 Alzheimer's Patients Are Not 'Crazy' - NGO
[Seychelles News Agency] The founder of Seychelles Alzheimer's Foundation (SAF) would like to see people suffering from the disease being better taken care of and understood.

2017-03-16 Appointment of Chief Executive Officer of the Anti-Corruption Commission
[Government of Seychelles] The President of the Republic, President Danny Faure presented Ms May De Silva with her Instrument of Appointment as the new Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Anti-Corruption Commission this morning at State House.

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