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2018-03-18 Seabird Colony Found On Remote Seychellois Island a Positive Surprise for Conservation Officers
[Seychelles News Agency] A seabird colony thought to be no longer breeding in St. Francois atoll for the past five years has been rediscovered on the remote Seychellois island, a conservation officer said.

2018-03-15 10 Amazing Things That Set Silhouette Island Apart From Other Island Resorts
[Seychelles News Agency] Silhouette is the third-largest granitic island of Seychelles -- an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean.

2018-03-15 Seychellois Facebook Food Group Launches Own Recipe-Filled Website
[Seychelles News Agency] A Seychellois Facebook cookery group - 'Ki Menu Tanto' - that promotes the culinary endeavours of its over 23,000 members has launched its own website.

2018-03-15 Technical and Vocational School Planned for Seychelles' Ile Soleil in 2020
[Seychelles News Agency] A new technical and vocational school is being planned in Seychelles to open by 2020 on Ile Soleil, the man-made island found on the east coast of the main island of Mahe.

2018-03-14 Aquaculture and Tourism Can Co-Exist in Seychelles - FAO Official
[Seychelles News Agency] The aquaculture sector will be back in Seychelles starting in August with the completion of a new mariculture facility at Providence -- an industrial zone -- on the eastern coast of the main island of Mahe.

2018-03-15 Appointment of Acting Chief Justice
[Government of Seychelles] Following the recommendation of the Constitutional Appointments Authority, and in accordance with Article 128 (1)(b) of the Constitution, President Danny Faure has appointed Supreme Court Judge Laura Georgette Pillay to act as Chief Justice during the absence from the Republic of Her Ladyship Mathilda Twomey, the Chief Justice, from the 13th to the 16th March, 2018.

2018-03-15 Governor and Deputy Governors Receive Instruments of Appointment
[Government of Seychelles] President Danny Faure presented Ms Caroline Abel as Governor of Central Bank of Seychelles, Mr Christophe Edmond as First Deputy Governor, and Miss Jenifer Sullivan as the Second Deputy Governor, with their Instruments of appointment yesterday at State House.

2018-03-12 Seychelles Bans Ready-to-Eat Meat Products From South Africa Over Listeria Outbreak
[Seychelles News Agency] The Seychelles Public Health Authority has imposed a temporary ban on all ready-to-eat meat products imported from South Africa since an outbreak of listeria was declared in the African country earlier this year.

2018-03-08 Women's Day Interview - Seychelles' Struggling Families Need More Help
[Seychelles News Agency] As the world celebrates the achievements of women on March 8th, International Women's Day, SNA met with Edwina Adrienne at her home at Hermitage on the outskirts of Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles. Adrienne spent 65 years of her life as an educator, shaping young people for the world of work through career guidance and supporting couples to raise solid families.

2018-03-08 Is Your Airbnb in Seychelles Licensed? Government Officials Now Making Checks
[Seychelles News Agency] Unlicensed tourism establishments operating in Seychelles have until March 12 to contact the Ministry of Tourism to change their legal status, the tourism minister said Wednesday.

2018-03-06 Nicholas Prea Elected New Speaker of Seychelles' National Assembly
[Seychelles News Agency] The former deputy speaker of Seychelles' National Assembly has been elected the legislative body's new speaker. The elevation of Nicholas Prea to the Assembly's top post comes after the resignation of Patrick Pillay in January.

2018-03-05 Islands of Seychelles Increasingly a Favourite Destination for Weddings, Honeymoons
[Seychelles News Agency] The Seychelles islands are gaining increased recognition as a favourite destination for weddings and honeymoons.

2018-03-05 Premiere of Seychellois-Produced Film 'Disparet' Greeted With Approval
[Seychelles News Agency] The premiere of 'Disparet'- a locally produced short-series film - is a major improvement in terms of film production in Seychelles, viewers at the event said.

2018-03-05 Efforts Being Made to Counter Invasive Ants On Island in Seychelles
[Seychelles News Agency] A Seychelles' UNESCO World Heritage site is introducing for the first time trial methods to fight against invasive ants that pose a threat to native species in the area, a Vallee de Mai official said.

2018-03-06 President Faure Meets Special Envoy From Indonesia
[Government of Seychelles] President Danny Faure received the Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr N. Hassan Wirajuda, at State House this morning. Dr Wirajuda is currently on an official visit to seek the support of the government of Seychelles for Indonesia's candidature as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for 2019-2020 in elections to be held in June 2018.

2018-03-05 Appointment of Special Advisor to the Minister for Education and Human Resource Development
[Government of Seychelles] The Office of the President has announced the appointment of Mr John Lesperance as Special Advisor to the Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, with effect from today 5 March 2018.

2018-03-01 Sun, Sand and Wi-Fi - 4 Ways to Stay Connected While in Seychelles
[Seychelles News Agency] Although visitors come to Seychelles for a quiet holiday away from their busy everyday lives, they still like to stay connected. Here are four ways to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in the island nation to help you stay in touch while you're admiring the sand and the sun.

2018-02-28 New Senior Appointments in Public Sector Organisations
[Government of Seychelles] President Danny Faure has today announced senior appointments in certain public sector organisations which all take effect from 1st March 2018.

2018-02-28 Germany's Ambassador to Seychelles Backs Sustainable Fisheries in Visit With President
[Seychelles News Agency] Germany, one of the most powerful members of the European Union (EU), supports sustainable fisheries in Seychelles, an industry that is an important contributor to the island nation's fishing sector, the German ambassador said on Tuesday.

2018-02-26 Arrisol in Landslide Win for Vacated National Assembly Seat in Seychelles
[Seychelles News Agency] Philip Arrisol has been elected to the Seychelles' National Assembly for the western Mahe district of Anse Boileau by an overwhelming margin.

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