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2018-03-19 Sierra Leone Ruling Party Cries Foul
[East African] Still reeling in the pain of its shock defeat in the first round of this month's presidential election, Sierra Leone's governing party has accused the National Electoral Commission (NEC) of conniving with foreign forces to push for regime change.

2018-03-16 Why KKY should Not Follow the Bandwagon
[Concord] The March 7 elections have been hotly contested, with the two traditional political parties - the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) and main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) - maintaining their dominance in the political landscape of Sierra Leone. While people were crying for change, the concept itself was largely misunderstood by a majority of them, due largely to a fixed concept of tribalism and regionalism. The language of change they clearly understood and comprehended was a trend in which

2018-03-16 'Party Leaders Should Focus On Voters' Education Than Rallies'
[Concord] President of the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone, Bishop John K. Yambasu, has told Concord Times in an exclusive interview on Tuesday that the percentage of void votes in the just concluded elections was alarming and that political leaders should focus on voter education instead of rallies.

2018-03-16 As the Main Political Parties Prepare for Run-Offup's Femi Cole Says the Best Person Will Prevail
[Concord] Presidential candidate for the Unity Party (UP), Femi Claudius Cole, has in an exclusive interview with Concord Times stated that no matter what people think, only the best person will prevail as winner in the 2018 presidential run-off election, adding that power comes from God.

2018-03-16 Bio Lures NGC, C4C, and CDP to Vote Against 'Oppressive' APC Government
[Concord] Presidential candidate for the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, has called on political party leaders of the National Grand Coalition NGC, Coalition for Change (C4C) and others to form an alliance against what he referred to as the 'oppressive administration' of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC), adding that it was time for opposition parties to address the will of the people by voting the APC out.

2018-03-16 Ngc Satisfied With Performance in Election
[Concord] Campaign Spokesperson of the National Grand Coalition (NGC) has stated that his party did quite well in the just concluded multitier elections even though he alleged that massive rigging took place during the polls.

2018-03-16 'APC Would Not Engage in Any Political Rallies for the Run-Off'
[Concord] National Publicity Secretary for the ruling All Peoples Congress, Cornelius Deveaux, has told Concord Times in a telephone interview that the party would not engage in any political rallies for the run-off, but rather they would be engaged in 'closing the gaps'.

2018-03-16 Kent Receives Equipment From Tilford Cricket Club
[Concord] Kent Cricket Club Sierra Leone has received donated cricket equipment from Tilford Cricket Club in the UK.

2018-03-16 SLPP, APC, C4C And ADP Have 'Issues' With March 7 Elections
[Concord] Presidential candidates of major political parties that contested the just concluded March 7 presidential election have highlighted several issues pertaining to the conduct of the poll.

2018-03-16 Sierra Leone Tests Blockchain Technology for Tallying Election Results
[RFI] Sierra Leone has become one of the first countries to trial the use of blockchain technology during elections. A Swiss-based company called Agora used technology similar to that underpinning the BitCoin cryptocurrency to provide a partial count of election results. Sierra Leone went to the polls on 7 March to elect a new president, members of parliament, local councillors and mayors.

2018-03-15 C4C Debunks 'Support' for Dr. Samura Kamara
[Concord] The official spokesperson for the presidential candidate of the Coalition for Change (C4C), Lawrence Coker, has vehemently debunked a publication in a local newspapers that Chief Alhaji Samuel Sam-Sumana has thrown his support for Dr. Samura Kamara, presidential aspirant for the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC), should there be a run-off.

2018-03-15 Village Savings Loan Scheme to Build Financial Capacity of Women
[Concord] The Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs recently launched the Village Savings and Loan Scheme project to help build the financial capacity of women in rural communities.

2018-03-15 First Indian Naturalised Citizen Votes in Sierra Leone
[Concord] The only thing brighter than Mohinder Bir Singh's multi-coloured scarf was the smile on his face as he was so much excited after he cast his ballot at a Polling Station in Grassfiled, Lumley on March 7, 2018.

2018-03-15 MRCG Reminds Journalists of Commitment to Conflict Sensitive Reporting
[Concord] The Media Reform Coordinating Group (MRCG) has reminded journalists in the country of their commitment to conflict-sensitive reporting during the electioneering process as the country awaits the outcome of the March 7 multi-tier elections.

2018-03-15 'My Intention Is to Bring Change' - -Chief Sam Sumana
[Concord] Former Vice President and presidential candidate for Coalition for Change (C4C) in the just concluded presidential election has told our reporter in an interview that he has no grudge against any individual, but rather the purpose of forming a new political party was to foster positive political change in the country.

2018-03-15 Run-Off March 27 Bio Leads Samura Kamara By 14,734 Votes
[Concord] Chairperson of the National Electoral Commission, Mohamed N'fah Alie Conteh, yesterday announced the final result of the March 7 presidential election, but any of the sixteen political parties, including the two major parties, could not reach the threshold of fifty-five percent to clinch the presidency.

2018-03-15 Delay to Announce Presidential Result - Parents Kept Pupils At Home for Fear of Violence
[Concord] Most schools in Sierra Leone re-opened on Monday, 12th March, after one week break for the elections, but parents kept their children at home for fear of violence.

2018-03-15 Leone Stars Departs for Iran Today
[Concord] Sierra Leone midfielder, Nathaniel Tongovula in action during WAFU tournament in Ghana

2018-03-14 Opposition Ahead As Presidential Run-Off Called
[East African] Sierra Leone will hold a run-off vote for president on March 27, the election commission said Tuesday, after the country's main opposition finished slightly ahead of the ruling party in the first round of voting.

2018-03-14 Election Front-Runners to Contest Runoff After First-round Stalemate
[VOA] Sierra Leone will hold a runoff presidential election in two weeks after the country's 16 candidates failed to clinch the 55 percent of votes necessary to win in the first round. National Electoral Commission chair Mohammed Nfa'ali Conteh made the announcement at a press conference Tuesday night, a week after the country went to the polls.

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