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2017-11-17 'We're Looking At Africa in 2050', Says Top Official
[Deutsche Welle] We need to create jobs, help facilitate trade and address the challenges of the Africa of the future, says Donald Yamamoto, who is in charge of African affairs at the US State Department.

2017-11-17 Protests in Somaliland As Opposition Claim Election Fraud
[Dalsan Radio] Waddani Party supporters on Thursday took to the streets of various opposition strongholds to protest what they claim to be election irregularities. In Burco police had to use live bullets to disperse protestors who had lit bonfires and closed main roads.

2017-11-17 Galmudug State And ASWJ Meet in Nairobi Over Power Sharing Deal
[Dalsan Radio] The President of Galmudug regional state Ahmed Duale Gelle Haaf, President of the Sufi Ahlu Sunna Wa Jamaa Shiekh Mohamed Shakir and its Spiritual leader

2017-11-17 Security Forces Arrests 19 Alshabab in Lower Shabelle
[Dalsan Radio] A security swoop conducted by Somalia security agents has nabbed nineteen Alshabaab militants in Lower Shabelle, Somalia Information Minister Abdrahman Omar Osman said on Thursday.

2017-11-17 UNHCR Asks Kenyans to Donate Sh150 Million for Dadaab Refugees
[Nation] The refugee agency has asked Kenyans to chip in and help cover the Sh150 million deficit required to run the Dadaab Refugee Camp.

2017-11-17 Assailants Murder Prominent Elder Outside a Mosque in Mogadishu
[Shabelle] Suspected Al Shabaab assailants have gunned down a prominent Somali elder in the capital, Mogadishu on Thursday, the latest in string of killings in the seaside city over the past few months.

2017-11-17 Suspected Pirate Vessels in Gulf of Aden Dispersed By Chinese Navy
[Shabelle] A destroyer from the 27th Chinese naval escort taskforce successfully dispersed a number of suspected pirate vessels aiming for two container ships, reports China Central Television.

2017-11-17 PM Vows to Flush Out Al Shabaab From Whole Country
[Shabelle] Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has vowed to root out Al Shabaab from its remaining positions in the south and central Somalia in a major anticipated military offensive.

2017-11-17 Greek Police Block Migrants' March to Border With Macedonia
[Shabelle] Police blocked some 200 migrants and asylum-seekers Wednesday from leaving a city in northern Greece for the Macedonian border in hopes of traveling on to other European Union countries.

2017-11-17 UN Urges Kenyan Troops to Stop Somalia Charcoal Export
[East African] The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday urged the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to implement a ban on charcoal exports which earns Al-Shabaab at least Sh1 billion ($10 million) a year.

2017-11-16 Queen Knights Olympic Champion Mo Farah
[Nairobi News] Britain's four-time Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah has become the first athlete of Somali origin to be knighted.

2017-11-16 Govt Releases List of Deadly Car Bomb Suspects
[VOA] The Somali government has released the names and the photos of the suspects behind last month's deadly truck bombing that killed more than 350 people and injured more than 400 others in Mogadishu.

2017-11-16 Experts Worry Over Proposed Amisom Withdrawal
[Ethiopian Herald] The proposed withdrawal of around 1000 African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops from Somalia could create vacuum in the country, lead to the revival of weakening Al Shabaab and undermine the gains made against the insurgent groups so far, learnt The Ethiopian Herald.

2017-11-16 UN Urges KDF to Stop Somalia Charcoal Export
[Shabelle] The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday urged the Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) to implement a ban on charcoal exports which earns Al-Shabaab at least Sh1 billion ($10 million) a year.

2017-11-16 Minister Quits, 2nd in Less Than Two Months
[Shabelle] Somalia's Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Dr. Maryan Qasim Ahmed suddenly resigned on Wednesday, citing personal circumstances. The minister announced her resignation during a press conference in Mogadishu.

2017-11-16 U.S. Conducts Further Airstrikes Against Al-Shabaab in Somalia
[Shabelle] The U. S. military confirmed that it conducted the two airstrikes against the Islamist State (IS) and Al-Shabaab militants early Sunday in Somalia, killing "several terrorists."

2017-11-16 AU to Deploy an Extra 500 Police Officers to Somalia
[Shabelle] The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) announced on Tuesday that some 1,000 soldiers will be withdrawn from Somalia by Dec. 31 in line with the African Union and UN Security Council resolutions.

2017-11-16 Mayor Thabit in Rome to Bolster Investment in Mogadishu
[Dalsan Radio] Ten African cities, Italian government and international relations on Wednesday gathered in Rome for the Africa Cities Investment Conference. Somalia's capital Mogadishu was among the ten African cities represented in the conference that aims at linking growing urban centers to investors in Italy.

2017-11-16 East African Bloc Calls for Sustaining Peace in Warring Somalia Regions
[Shabelle] Africa's regional bloc IGAD on Tuesday called on the international community to sustain and build peace between Somalia's rival regional states of Puntland and Galmudug.

2017-11-16 US Targets Al-Shabaab Militants in Airstrike
[VOA] U.S. airstrikes coordinated with local government killed "several" al-Shabab militants in Somalia, the U.S. Africa Command said in a statement released Wednesday.

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