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2017-05-29 Zuma Escapes Again
[allAfrica] Cape Town -President Jacob Zuma has survived the latest attempt from within the ruling African National Congress to force him to step down.

2017-05-29 Now Court Will Hear Zuma Impeachment Bid
[News24Wire] The Constitutional Court will hear the EFF's bid to have President Jacob Zuma impeached on September 5.

2017-05-29 Jumpy Drug Smuggling Suspect Bounces Away From Cops Using Trampoline
[News24Wire] A suspected drug runner made a literal leap of faith - over a wall and using a trampoline - to evade approaching Metro Police officers on Friday night.

2017-05-29 Why Zuma Can't Fire Health Minister Motsoaledi
[Bhekisisa] Analysts say health minister's strong SACP connections and ANC support ensure he's 'too powerful politically' for the president to fire.

2017-05-29 N2 Closed Due to Protest Action in Cape Town
[News24Wire] The N2 highway near the R102 in Macassar, Cape Town was closed on Monday morning due to protest action.

2017-05-29 Those Damning Gupta Emails...
[News24Wire] A cache of damning e-mails between members of the Gupta family, some of their trusted lieutenants and President Jacob Zuma's son, Duduzane, has brought forward fresh details on the mechanics of the Guptas' dubious state capture strategies.

2017-05-28 'Silent Coup' Creates 'Shadow State' in SA
[PARI] This report suggests South Africa has experienced a silent coup that has removed the ANC from its place as the primary force for transformation in society.

2017-05-28 Adult Sex Work Report Out for Public Comment
[] Pretoria -The long awaited report of the South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) on adult prostitution was released on Friday.

2017-05-29 Shock as Video Shows Police Pelting Suspects With Apples
[News24Wire] The SA National Civic Organisation (SANCO) is shocked by a video showing apples being thrown at a group of suspects, and has called for the sacking of municipal officers caught doing it.

2017-05-29 3rd Person Arrested for Hijacking After Matie Was Murdered
[News24Wire] A third person was arrested on Sunday for hijacking a car involved in the murder of Stellenbosch University student Hannah Cornelius and an attack on her friend.

2017-05-29 Zuma Forges Ahead With Presidential Programme
[News24Wire] President Jacob Zuma will forge ahead with his presidential programme on Monday in the safe embrace of traditional leaders at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg, Gauteng.

2017-05-28 Zuma, Guptas Lead SA's Shadow Criminal State - Maimane
[News24Wire] Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane on Sunday said that leaked Gupta emails published in the weekend papers amounted to concrete proof of a "shadow criminal state in South Africa" which is led by the Gupta and Zuma families.

2017-05-28 Gupta Pillage of Our Country Requires Stern Legal Action
[DA] What has emerged today is the existence of concrete proof confirming what South Africans have known for some time: the ANC has created, aided, and sponsored a shadow criminal state in South Africa, led by the Guptas and the Zumas.

2017-05-28 Black Women Know That Black Lives Don't Matter - Anglican Archbishop
[News24Wire] Black women in South Africa know on many levels that "black lives do not matter," Thabo Makgoba, the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, said in a sermon delivered in Germany on Sunday.

2017-05-28 Caster Semenya Claims Another Win
[News24Wire] Caster Semenya extended her lead in the Diamond League series in her specialist event, winning the Women's 800m race at the third leg of the campaign in Eugene, Oregon on Saturday night.

2017-05-28 Suspected Sex Slave Found in Locked Room During Raid
[News24Wire] Metro Police officers say they discovered a suspected sex slave locked in an outside room during a safety and security operation in Parow.

2017-05-28 'Politcally Motivated' Emails Leaked to Influence ANC NEC - Gupta Lawyer
[News24Wire] The Gupta family's lawyer Gert van der Merwe says it appears potentially damning emails leaked to Sunday newspapers was specifically timed to influence the African National Congress's National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting this weekend.

2017-05-28 ANC NEC Debate Over Zuma's Future Continues
[News24Wire] A long drawn out battle over President Jacob Zuma's future is set to continue when the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting continues on Sunday.

2017-05-29 Police Task Team Rescues Kidnapped Man
[News24Wire] A man who was kidnapped in Christiana on Thursday has been rescued, police said on Sunday.

2017-05-29 Pls Hold for Am - Thulsie Twins Back in Court Over Terrorism Charges
[News24Wire] Twins Brandon-Lee and Tony-Lee Thulsie will return to the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Monday as the case alleging they were planning to set off explosives in South Africa continues.

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