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2017-05-27 Warring Sides Sign Peace Deal As Dialogue Begins
[East African] South Sudan's warring parties on Friday signed an undertaking to work on a roadmap for the implementation of the 2015 Arusha Agreement and end the war.

2017-05-27 Veteran Journalist Rejects Kiir's Job Offer Amid Media Crackdown
[East African] A South Sudanese veteran journalist, Alfred Taban, has declined President Salva Kiir's appointment to the National Dialogue Committee amid media crackdown.

2017-05-27 African Union, UN Seek Political Solution for South Sudan
[East African] The African Union and the United Nations are seeking a political solution to the South Sudan crisis, after the August 2015 peace agreement failed and the East African region appeared to lose interest in the peace process.

2017-05-26 Juba Rubbishes Bashir's Claims of Backing Sudan Rebels
[East African] South Sudanese authorities have dismissed claims of supporting rebels in Sudan, fighting to oust President Omar al-Bashir. Information minister Michael Makuei said the accusations by President Bashir against Juba and Egypt were completely false.

2017-05-26 Africa Day Call to Action on the Country
[VOA] On Africa Day Thursday, about 3,000 young African leaders appealed to African heads of state to rescue South Sudan's 2015 peace agreement. The Archbishop Tutu fellows said in a letter to the leaders that the conflict in South Sudan poses serious national security threats to neighboring countries.

2017-05-26 European Union Contributes to WFP's Life-Saving Work in South Sudan
[WFP] The contribution from the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) for WFP South Sudan will provide emergency food and nutrition assistance to about 890,000 people facing hunger as a result of conflict and seasonal food insecurity, including an estimated 165,000 children under the age of five and pregnant and breastfeeding women. WFP is purchasing about 4,000 metric tons of cereals, 500 metric tons of beans, 800 metric tons of oil and 1,000 metric tons of the specialized nutritious food (CS

2017-05-25 President Kiir Announces Truce, National Dialogue
[VOA] The U.N.'s top official in South Sudan says President Salva Kiir has formally launched a long-awaited national dialogue and declared a unilateral cessation of hostilities.

2017-05-25 'Fighting Must Stop Now' So Millions Can Be Spared From Famine, Say UN Agency Chiefs
[UN News] Despite "appalling conditions" in South Sudan, it is not too late to save more people from dying, the head of the United Nations agriculture agency said today, joining the World Food Programme (WFP) chief in a call to all parties enmeshed in the country's conflict to end the violence and work together to ensure access to food and other life-saving support.

2017-05-24 Juba Partially Closes Border in Ebola Scare
[VOA] State authorities in South Sudan closed part of their border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo last week in an effort to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola outbreak, declared by the World Health Organization in a remote, northern part of the DRC two weeks ago.

2017-05-26 Deputy President 'Taking Bribes From Kiir' - South Sudan Rebels
[News24Wire] Rebels in South Sudan have claimed that Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is "taking bribes" from President Salva Kiir's government to block their leader Riek Machar - currently in South Africa - from returning home.

2017-05-24 Museveni Urges South Sudan's Kiir Not to Tolerate Army Impunity
[East African] Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has told his South Sudanese counterpart Salva Kiir not tolerate impunity against civilians.

2017-05-24 Region Attracts U.S.$3.4 Billion Investments As It Exploits Oil, Gas
[East African] The discovery of oil, gas and mineral deposits in East Africa has paved the way for ambitious infrastructure projects that have attracted at least $3.4 billion from international lenders in the past year.

2017-05-24 Push South Sudan Into All-Inclusive Dialogue
[Monitor] On Monday, South Sudan president Salva Kiir launched the National Dialogue for peace. The initiative was earlier delayed because there was intent to bring onto the negotiation as many players. A 94-member committee has been inaugurated to steer the talks, with President Museveni attending the launch.

2017-05-23 Ugandan President Museveni Urges Unity in Diversity in South Sudan
[Uganda Media Centre] President Yoweri Museveni has urged the people of South Sudan to embrace unity for prosperity and development warning that the misuse of identity can paralyze and endanger their nation.

2017-05-23 Museveni Urges South Sudan to Forget Identity and Embrace Unity
[Monitor] President Museveni has urged the people of South Sudan to embrace unity for prosperity and development warning that the misuse of identity can paralyse and endanger their nation.

2017-05-23 Fistula, a Preventable Birth Injury, Afflicts Most Vulnerable Women and Girls
[UNFPA] Wau -Childbirth is supposed to be a joyous occasion. But for the most vulnerable women and girls, it can be anything but.

2017-05-22 Sacked Military Chief Meets President
[East African] Juba -South Sudanese President Salva Kiir has held reconciliation talks with controversial former military chief Paul Malong.

2017-05-22 Portrait of a South Sudanese Refugee Woman in Uganda
[Monitor] Elizabeth Labuk, 46, cheerlessly glares through the blistering Lamwo sunshine, which makes her stark dark skin glitter. She is clearly absent-minded and as the pause wears on, her eyes well up. Her voice shakes when she speaks again. "I just ran away when the fighting intensified and I don't know where my husband ran to. I cannot rule out death because when the SPLA (Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army) launched the fighting against the rebels, several lives were lost and civilians were not spared too."

2017-05-22 South Sudanese Welcome Kiir, Malong Talks
[Monitor] South Sudanese have welcomed talks between President Kiir and General Paul Awan Malong, the former chief of general staff of the South Sudan army, the SPLA.

2017-05-22 UN - South Sudan Forces Have Committed Capital Crimes
[Al Jazeera] South Sudanese pro-government forces killed at least 114 civilians in and around Yei town between July 2016 and January 2017, as well as committing uncounted rapes, looting and torture, the UN human rights office said.

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