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2018-03-16 50/50 Celebration Busts Budget
[Swazi Media] The Swaziland Government has bought a fleet of luxury BMW cars worth US$7.5 million ahead of the King's 50/50 celebrations.

2018-03-16 MPs Unhappy With PM's New House
[Swazi Media] Barnabas Dlamini, Swaziland's unelected Prime Minister, is under fire from members of parliament over a plan to build him a retirement house costing E5.5 million from public funds. They said the house was too expensive and the designs alone cost E1.5 million. The money was included in the national budget announced earlier this month.

2018-03-16 Police Fire During Student Roadblock
[Swazi Media] Armed police in Swaziland fired rubber bullets and arrested eight students when they put a rubbish skip in the middle of a road during a protest. It happened at Limkokwing University, Mbabane.

2018-03-15 Govt Ministries Broke Law On Spending
[Swazi Media] The offices of the Prime Minister, National Commissioner of Police, Defence Department and Correctional Services in Swaziland are among a string of government departments and agencies that have broken the law by spending tens of millions of emalangeni on vehicles and transport running costs without authority.

2018-03-15 MPs Block Swazi State-Radio Funds
[Swazi Media] Members of parliament have blocked funding to state-controlled radio in Swaziland because they say they are not being allowed on air.

2018-03-14 U.S. Ambassador Encourages Parties
[Swazi Media] Democracy advocates in Swaziland should put forward policies that would attract people to support political parties, the US Ambassador to the kingdom said.

2018-03-13 King's Second Private Jet Set to Arrive
[Swazi Media] King Mswati III the autocratic monarch of impoverished Swaziland is to take delivery of a second private jet in time for his 50th birthday in April, it has been officially confirmed.

2018-03-13 Police Forced to Pay for 50/50 Jubilee
[Swazi Media] Police officers and support staff in Swaziland are being told they must contribute cash towards the cost of the 50/50 celebration to mark the autocratic King Mswati III's 50th birthday and the 50th anniversary of the kingdom's independence from Great Britain.

2018-03-13 50/50 Celebration Cash Drive Starts
[Swazi Media] A drive to raise cash to pay for the 50/50 celebrations to mark the anniversary Swaziland's independence from Great Britain and the autocratic King Mswati III's birthday is underway in the kingdom.

2018-03-12 Millions 'Wasted' On Luxury Vehicles
[Swazi Media] The Swaziland Government spent E29 million (US$2.4 million) buying a fleet of top-of-the-range BMW cars and motorbikes for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit in 2016 that have been left unused ever since.

2018-03-09 Terror Act Appeal Back to Court
[Swazi Media] Swaziland's Supreme Court has reinstated an appeal from the government against a High Court ruling that parts of the Suppression of Terrorism Act and the Sedition and Subversive Activities Act are unconstitutional.

2018-03-09 Electricity VAT Rise Shelved for Now
[Swazi Media] Members of the House of Assembly in Swaziland have voted against putting a 15 percent Value Added Tax on electricity prices.

2018-03-08 Swazi Budget a Tale of Woes
[Swazi Media] Swaziland's economy is in disarray and the kingdom continues to fail to raise enough money to pay for its spending, the national budget reveals.

2018-03-08 Swazi Politicians' Pay to Be Reviewed
[Swazi Media] In Swaziland seven in ten of the estimated 1.1 million population have incomes of less than E8,760 per year. In contrast the Prime Minister who is not elected by the people has a salary more than nine times as much at E802,854 per year. In addition he gets a car, a house and five servants paid for by the taxpayer.

2018-03-08 Police Fire Nine Live Shots At Bar
[Swazi Media] Two police officers in Swaziland fired nine live bullets at a bar that was open after hours.

2018-03-07 Unpaid Bills So Govt Lights Cut Off
[Swazi Media] Law courts, police stations, libraries, media houses, border posts among others in Swaziland were disconnected of electricity because the government has not paid its bills.

2018-03-06 Budget Gives PM New House
[Swazi Media] Swaziland is budgeting to build the Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini a retirement house for E5.5m even though members of parliament rejected the move last year.

2018-03-06 MPs Send Budget Back for Review
[Swazi Media] Members of Parliament in Swaziland have sent the national budget back to be reviewed because they say it does not meet the needs of poor people and rural communities.

2018-03-06 Hostile Reaction to Vat Increase
[Swazi Media] The announcement by Swaziland Finance Minister Martin Dlamini that Value Added Tax is to rise by 1 percent to 15 percent to put it in line with neighbour and major trading partner South Africa has been criticised throughout the kingdom.

2018-03-06 Building Hotel a Budget Priority
[Swazi Media] The Swaziland Government is to spend E1.5bn (US$125m) this year building a conference centre and five-star hotel to host the African Union summit in 2020 that will last eight days.

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