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2017-06-27 President Jacob Zuma Concludes Successful Visit to Swaziland
[Govt of SA] President Jacob Zuma has today, 23 June 2017, concluded a successful visit to the Kingdom of Swaziland, where he led the South African delegation at the 5th Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU) Summit Heads of State and Government.

2017-06-23 President Zuma Arrives in Swaziland for SACU Summit
[] Pretoria -President Jacob Zuma has arrived in the Kingdom of Swaziland ahead of the 5th Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Summit to be held on Friday.

2017-06-20 Army Hits Back At 'Strip' Protests
[Swazi Media] The Swaziland Army continues to try to justify stripping people naked at border crossings to see if they are carrying illegal goods.

2017-06-20 Harare City Hornets Leave for Swaziland Basketball Tournament
[The Herald] Harare City Hornets left the country yesterday for Swaziland for the annual Swazi Invitational tournament in Mbabane, with their captain Dancan Shenje declaring the team was ready to strike gold.

2017-06-20 President Jacob Zuma Attends the 5th Southern Africa Customs Union Summit, 23 Jun
[Govt of SA] President Zuma to attend the 5th Southern Africa Customs Union Summit in Manzini, Swaziland

2017-06-15 Senate Snubs LGBTI Health Report
[Swazi Media] Senators in Swaziland threw out a motion to make a report on access to health facilities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and/or intersexual (LGBTI) people because it was 'discrimination' in favour of them.

2017-06-15 Policeman Breaks Baton On Protestors
[Swazi Media] A Swaziland policeman broke his baton as he attacked schoolteachers during a peaceful protest march.

2017-06-15 WFP Ends Emergency Operation That Helped Many Survive Drought in Swaziland
[WFP] WFP's leading donors including the European Union, USA, CERF, Japan and the African Development Bank - contributed US$9.4 million towards food and cash assistance.

2017-06-12 Army Probes Self Over Corruption
[Swazi Media] The Swaziland Army is to investigate itself amid accusations of corruption in recruitment.

2017-06-09 Soldiers Inspect Woman's Genitals
[Swazi Media] A woman in Swaziland has complained that soldiers at a border crossing made her remove her underwear and inspect her private parts with a mirror. The Swazi Army said it happened all the time.

2017-06-07 Swazi Police Corruption Probe
[Swazi Media] Police in Swaziland are to investigate their own officers amid claims they helped to 'smuggle' illegal foreigners into the kingdom.

2017-06-07 Eight Local Clubs for Swaziland Basketballl Tournament
[The Herald] National champions Harare City Hornets are confident they will grab gold at the 2017th edition of the Swaziland International Invitational tournament from June 23-25 in Mbabane.

2017-06-05 Swaziland Quizzed On Terror Law
[Swazi Media] A United Nations group has asked Swaziland to account for the number of arrests made under its anti-terror and sedition laws.

2017-06-02 No Food So Schoolkids Sent Home
[Swazi Media] For the second term running children in Swaziland are being sent home from school because there is no food to feed them.

2017-06-01 Pupils Beaten Unlawfully At School
[Swazi Media] Pupils at a primary school in Swaziland were thrashed because they did not bring enough empty milk cartons to class.

2017-05-30 'No Terror Threat in Swaziland'
[Swazi Media] There are no known terrorist groups operating in Swaziland, but even so the government has banned several local organisations as terrorist groups, a new report from the United States has revealed.

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