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2014-11-21 Nearly 7,000 People in Slavery
[Swazi Media]There are an estimated 6,700 people in Swaziland living in slavery, according to a global survey.

2014-11-19 Taking Stock of the Media in Swaziland - Misa Partners With Unesco On Media Development Research
[MISA-Swaziland]The below article was originally published on UNESCO's In Focus news-site.

2014-11-17 Airtime Advance Firm Expands to Asian Markets
[CAJ News]Cape Town -NANO Airtime, the local mobile financial services company that provides airtime loans and similar value added services to the telecommunication industry, disclosed plans to introduce its popular Airtime Credit Service (ACS) offering to Asian markets in the coming weeks.

2014-11-14 Anti-Terror Act in Spotlight Again
[Swazi Media]A trade union leader in Swaziland whose house was raided by 30 armed police officers has been charged with sedition after they allegedly found pamphlets from banned organisations.

2014-11-12 Sex Trafficking Rife in Swaziland
[Swazi Media]Swaziland is a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children who are subjected to sex trafficking, domestic servitude, and forced labour in agriculture, the 2014 Trafficking in Persons report revealed.

2014-11-12 Editors Express Dismay at Botswana Journo's Arrest
[SANEF]The South African National Editors' Forum (Sanef) held its last Council for 2014 in Durban on Saturday. Council is the highest decision making structure between annual general meetings. The succesful meeting debated a number of issues with regard to the state of the changing media landscape in our country and beyond.

2014-11-11 Police Intimidation Continues
[Swazi Media]Swaziland Police are once again harassing progressives in the kingdom. The latest victim is Sifiso Mabuza, Deputy Secretary of the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) Siteki top branch.

2014-11-11 Justice Minister Starts Media Attack
[Swazi Media]Swaziland's Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Sibusiso Shongwe has called for a new law to further restrict the news media in the kingdom.

2014-11-10 Strongmen Thrive on their Ability to Keep People in Fear
[allAfrica]The following is the 2014 Carlos Cardoso Memorial Lecture delivered on Wednesday, November 4, 2014 at the FNB Building, Wits University by Rafael Marques de Morais, publisher of Maka Angola. [stories on AllAfrica]

2014-11-07 Are You a South African, Swaziland or Lesotho National Intending to Transit Via the UK?
[PR Newswire]Pretoria, South Africa -From 1 December 2014 changes come into effect and the list of exemption documents that can be used in place of a direct airside transit visa will be increased.

2014-11-03 Swazi Minister's Campaign to Mislead
[Swazi Media]Chief Mgwagwa Gamedze, the Swaziland Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has embarked on a campaign of misinformation about the state of the kingdom's economy and its human rights record.

2014-11-03 King's Paper and Its Airport Fantasy
[Swazi Media]The Swazi Observer, a newspaper in effect owned by King Mswati III of Swaziland, is talking up the chances of the new airport that takes his name receiving a 'prestigious accolade' at the World Airport Awards.

2014-11-03 Swazi Textile Workers Exploited
[Swazi Media]The retrenchment of 1,450 jobs at Swaziland's largest textile manufacturer Tex Ray draws attention to the continuing exploitation of workers in the kingdom.

2014-11-03 Misa Swaziland Launches Study On Youth Usage of Social Media
[MISA]MISA Swaziland recently partnered with the Swaziland Youth Empowerment Organisation (LUVATSI) to launch its study on youth usage of social media. Thirty-eight young people from the four regions of the country attended the launch of the report, which focuses on the benefits and disadvantages of the use of social media by young people. According to Vuyisile Hlatshwayo, the national director for MISA Swaziland, social media is an important source of information for young people that gives them greater freedom

2014-10-29 #Swazijustice "The Path to Freedom Goes Through Prison"
[The Daily Vox]This time next week, Thulani Maseko and Bheki Makhubu may be released from their wrongful imprisonment in a Swazi jail. But they will not be free men. They are subjects of an absolute monarchy, the last in Africa, one which continues to use its courts to violate its people's rights and abuse its powers. Yet very few people seem to care.

2014-10-29 Denmark Questions King On Rights
[Swazi Media]Denmark questions Mswati on human rights

2014-10-29 One Million Visits to Human Rights Site
[Swazi Media]Swazi Media Commentary, the social media site about human rights in Swaziland, has received its one-millionth hit.

2014-10-27 King's 'Abduction' of Schoolgirl
[Swazi Media]The case of Swaziland's King Mswati III's alleged abduction of an 18-year-old schoolgirl to be his bride has resurfaced in the kingdom 12 years after the event as a local newspaper reported that a former attorney-general was to face a sedition charge for allowing a court case against the King to proceed.

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