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2015-06-30 Supreme Court Frees Lawyer Maseko, Editor Makhubu
[SALC] Mbabane -On Tuesday, 30 June 2015, the Supreme Court in Swaziland upheld an appeal brought by human rights lawyer, Thulani Maseko, and magazine editor, Bheki Makhubu against their conviction on two charges of contempt of court and their two year prison sentences. The Court ordered their immediate release from prison.

2015-06-29 Swazi Supreme Court Nepotism Fear
[Swazi Media] A raft of appointments of judges to Swaziland's Supreme Court has raised questions about nepotism in the kingdom ruled by absolute monarch, King Mswati III.

2015-06-29 Swaziland's Massive Military Spending
[Swazi Media] A new report shows Swaziland spent US$259.8 million on its military in the past three years.

2015-06-27 Swaziland Apartheid Shame Revealed
[Swazi Media] During the height of the Apartheid era, Swaziland lobbied the US and UK Governments not to support economic sanctions on South Africa, a confidential communication from 1978 has revealed.

2015-06-26 Warrant Out On Ex-Chief Justice
[Swazi Media] The Swaziland High Court has re-issued a warrant for the arrest of sacked Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi.

2015-06-26 Swazi House Speaker Suspended
[Swazi Media] Swaziland's Speaker of the House of Assembly Themba Msibi was suspended from office for seven days after an allegation that he conspired to oust the Prime Minister from office.

2015-06-26 Swazi King's Cup Ticket Price Sky High
[Swazi Media] Spectators will be charged E250 (US$25) to attend matches at the tournament set up to honour King Mswati III of Swaziland - at least two weeks' income for seven in ten of his subjects.

2015-06-26 Lack of Democracy Bad for Economy
[Swazi Media] The lack of democracy in Swaziland is a substantial risk to the kingdom's growth, according to a World Bank report.

2015-06-25 Economy Slump After Trade Sanctions
[Swazi Media] The trade sanctions imposed by the United States because of King Mswati III's poor record on human rights will contribute to a slump in the kingdom's economy, a senior Central Bank of Swaziland (CBS) official said.

2015-06-26 Batzofin Retains Wargames Title in Swaziland
[Sascoc] St John's College pupil, Jason Batzofin, has retained his Ancient Wargames period title after a tough fight at the IWF's 18th World Individual Championships at the Lugogo Sun, Swaziland.

2015-06-23 King Wins Jet Case On a Technicality
[Swazi Media] The company that sued King Mswati III of Swaziland for US$3.5 million in unpaid bills relating to his luxury private jet has lost its case on a legal technicality.

2015-06-23 CHAN - Angola and Swaziland Draw
[ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan national senior men's drew 2-2 on Sunday with Swaziland, in the first leg match, qualifying for the Home-based players African Championship of Nations (CHAN), to be hosted by Rwanda in 2016.

2015-06-22 Sacked Chief Justice Leaves Kingdom
[Swazi Media] Michael Ramodibedi, who was sacked as Chief Justice by Swaziland's autocratic King Mswati III on Wednesday has left the kingdom. It is thought he is returning to his home country of Lesotho after he has received medical attention in South Africa.

2015-06-23 CHAN - Palancas Negras Back Home From Swaziland
[ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan national senior men's football team (Palancas Negras) returned on Monday to the country from Mbambane, after drawing 2-2 with Swaziland, in the first leg match, qualifying for the Home-based players African Championship of Nations (CHAN), to be hosted by Rwanda in 2016.

2015-06-22 Swazi King Sacks Chief Justice
[Swazi Media] King Mswati III of Swaziland has fired his Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi for 'serious misbehaviour'.

2015-06-22 Time to Allow Water Management to Take Its Own Course
[The Conversation Africa] Southern African countries do not face water scarcity and do not need to build joint water projects. But they do need talk to each other to avoid misunderstandings.

2015-06-22 Swazi Chief Justice's History of Abuse
[Swazi Media] Swaziland's Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi who has been sacked by King Mswati III had a long history of abusing his power in office.

2015-06-19 Campaign to Stop 'King's Cup' Spreads
[Swazi Media] News of the campaign to stop two top South African football clubs taking part in a tournament to honour King Mswati III of Swaziland is spreading globally.

2015-06-19 MPs Want Inquiry Into 'Police Killing'
[Swazi Media] Members of Parliament in Swaziland on Monday (15 June 2015) called for an inquiry into the death in police custody of the Mozambique national Luciano Zavale.

2015-06-19 No Oversight On Swazi King's Spending
[Swazi Media] There is no oversight on how Swaziland King Mswati III, his fifteen wives and vast royal family spend public money, a United States report has concluded.

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