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2017-09-20 Govt to Hold Referendum On Presidential Limit
[Togonews] Togo will hold a referendum to decide on the politically divisive issue of presidential term limits following weeks of intense protests by opposition parties.

2017-09-18 Togo Panel Approves Constitutional Reform Plan
[Togonews] A parliamentary panel on Friday approved a bill to revamp the constitution and introduce a presidential term limit.

2017-09-15 Gagging of the Media - Journalists Barred From Covering Demonstration
[MFWA] Two senior journalists were prevented from covering the recent demonstrations in Togo by the authorities in the country, with the camera of one of them seized.

2017-09-13 No Time to Waste in Implementing Togo's Reforms
[ISS] Weeks after their first protest on 19 August that led to two deaths, opposition parties in Togo continue to maintain pressure on the government. As a result of this and last month's demonstrations by thousands of people in several cities and among the diaspora, the government adopted a draft of a consitutional reform bill on 5 September.

2017-09-12 Togo Should Learn From the Gambia
[Foroyaa] The call for change of government after decades of rule by one family is echoing the clarion call for an end to self-perpetuating rule which governed the Campaign of Coalition 2016 during last year' presidential election in The Gambia.

2017-09-11 Thousands Protest President Faure's Re-Election
[CISA] Lome -Tens of thousands of protesters clad in red, orange and pink- the colours of Togo's opposition parties - on September 7, marched through the streets of the capital Lome protesting President Faure Gnassingbe win.

2017-09-09 Togo - President Gnassingbe Under Pressure
[Deutsche Welle] In Togo, protesters are calling for the resignation of President Faure Gnassingbe. The opposition is confident that it will be successful in forcing a change in government. But will the president go voluntarily?

2017-09-08 Togo - Demonstrators Want President Faure Gnassingbe to Step Down
[Deutsche Welle] Thousands marched through the streets of Lome for the second day running calling for president President Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe to step down. Togo's opposition has been calling for constitutional reforms.

2017-09-07 'People Are Fed Up'
[Deutsche Welle] A huge rally for constitutional reform has taken place in Togo, a country presided over by one family for the past half-century. Opponents of the government want President Faure Gnassingbe to "leave by the front door."

2017-09-06 Govt Slows Internet Ahead of Opposition Demonstration
[allAfrica] The Internet is slowed down in Togo as the opposition announced a demonstration for this Wednesday and Thursday. Citizens had trouble communicating on the Internet this morning, while rumors of a cut were circulating since last night. Public Service Minister Gilbert Bawara told a local radio that this was for security reasons.

2017-09-05 Opposition Plans Big March for Reform
[allAfrica] A coalition of opposition political parties on Monday called on the Togolese people to demonstrate for institutional and constitutional reforms, and more freedom and democracy in the country.

2017-09-05 Soccer - Malawi Secure Second Win Under Rvg, Beat Togo in Friendly
[Nyasa Times] Malawi national football team, the Flames, on Monday posted a second win under Belgian Coach Ronny Van Geneugden when they laboured a 1-0 win over West African nation of Togo in a friendly match played in Morocco.

2017-08-28 50 Years of Hurt - Togo Protesters Vow to Continue
[African Arguments] After years of government stalling, demonstrators are demanding electoral reforms, including the reinstatement of term limits.

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