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2017-07-26 MPs Vow to Block Move to Amend Constitution
[Monitor] Parliament -The Committee of Legal and Parliamentary Affairs has vowed to block the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017, accusing Cabinet of being disrespectful.

2017-07-26 Presidential Age Limit Stirs Debate
[VOA] Uganda's parliament is considering an amendment to the country's constitution on land issues, but it is another proposed revision, not on the table, that is sparking the fiercest debate.

2017-07-26 MP to Museveni - Change Your Age but Don't Remove Age Limit
[Observer] The presidential age limit campaign got its most enthusiastic public support last week from several NRM youth groups who publicly advocated the removal of Article 102 (b) from the Constitution during separate press conferences.

2017-07-26 Chinese Appeal to Museveni Over Minerals Minister's Sons
[Observer] A Chinese firm, claiming to have been cheated out of a multibillion rock deal, has appealed to President Museveni requesting for his urgent intervention.

2017-07-26 Businessman Sues Bank of Uganda, Businessman
[Observer] In a 25-page lawsuit filed at the Commercial court yesterday, businessman Amos Nzeyi, a shareholder of the defunct National Bank of Commerce (NBC), accuses Bank of Uganda (BOU) of illegally closing the bank he co-owned with former premier Amama Mbabazi.

2017-07-26 Govt Chief Whip Grumbles Over Salary Deductions
[Monitor] Kampala -The government Chief Whip, Ms Ruth Nankabirwa, is currently an angry woman.

2017-07-26 Row Erupts At Investment Body Over Jobs Plan
[Monitor] The Executive Director of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) Ms Jolly Kamuhangire has been accused by a board member of hiring a private company at an astronomical cost to do work which already exists.

2017-07-26 The Refugee Scandal Unfolding in the Country
[IRIN] Yumbe -Uganda, the country with the world's fastest growing refugee burden, is failing to secure the help it needs to care for those forced across the border from South Sudan by war and hunger.

2017-07-26 How Gold Mining in Mubende Has Uplifted Lives of Peasants
[Observer] From the fringes of poverty to a life worth living, many peasants in Mubende have the gold mines to thank for that. CHRISTOPHER TUSIIME travelled to the area to find out more about the life of more than 60,000 people who see the mines as their only hope for survival amid anxiety they could be evicted anytime.

2017-07-26 Rotary World Pays Online Tribute to Sam Owori
[Independent (Kampala)] Kampala -Final memorials for Rotary International President-elect Sam Owori who died suddenly in the US earlier this month, are being held in the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

2017-07-26 Mulago in $6m Loss Due to Shilling Depreciation
[Monitor] Mulago National Referral Hospital has made a loss of $6 million (about Shs21.5 billion) due to the depreciation of the Shilling against the dollar in the recent years.

2017-07-26 Shs1.5b Government Fisheries Project Lies Idle for Eight Years
[Monitor] Gulu -A government fisheries project in Laliya Parish, Laroo Division in Gulu District meant to benefit fish farmers in northern Uganda is lying idle.

2017-07-26 Coach's Salary Saga Seems Headed for Government
[Monitor] Kampala -It has emerged that Fufa and Micho Sredojevic, the Uganda Cranes coach, are playing a well-sequenced game that should end with government paying the Serbian's salary, and arrears.

2017-07-26 MPs Bounce Back to Parliament
[Monitor] Jinja -Mr Hood Katuramu and Mr William Wilson Nokrach who were recently removed from Parliament over voter bribery among other irregularities, have regained their seats.

2017-07-26 Local TV Series Debuts on Fox Life
[East African] After the success of the series Hostel, (which was screened on NTV Uganda and NTV Kenya) a new Ugandan-produced television series 5@Home has made it to Fox Life, (aired by MultiChoice) where it premiered in June.

2017-07-26 Police Refuse to Hand Over Body of an Australian Woman
[Monitor] Mbale -Police in Mbale District have refused to hand over the body of an Australian woman to Uganda Funeral Service and her husband asking them to get clearance from the Embassy of Australia and the Criminal Intelligence Investigations Directorate (CIID) in Kampala.

2017-07-26 Kenyan Banker Tips BOU On Key Interest Rates
[Observer] If monetary policy signals enforced by the Bank of Uganda are not being felt within the market, that means financial inclusion initiatives are not yet successful, the former governor of the Central Bank of Kenya has said.

2017-07-26 Minister Nakiwala Targets Mega Sportpesa Deal for Express
[Monitor] Kampala -In a bid to help the club regain its past glory, Express chairperson Florence Nakiwala, who is also the Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs has often ventured into different partnerships.

2017-07-26 Uganda Premier League Awards On Tonight
[Observer] The second edition of Azam Uganda Premier League (AUPL) awards is scheduled for this evening at the Imperial Royale hotel, and it promises to be an improvement from the last, according to UPL manager Paul Kabaikaramu.

2017-07-26 Rotarian Owori's Body Delays to Arrive
[Monitor] Kampala -The Rotary fraternity and the Turkish Airlines on Monday failed to provide satisfactory reasons why the body of the fallen Rotary International president elect Sam Owori failed to arrive as scheduled.

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