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2017-05-29 Inside Mugabe's Hired Luxury Aircraft
[New Zimbabwe] President Robert Mugabe has been forced to use a commercial charter for his recent foreign trips, and aides have ensured the ultimate in airborne luxury for the reportedly ailing 93-year-old.

2017-05-29 At Least 8 Illegal Miners Die After Mine Shaft Collapses
[News24Wire] At least Eight illegal miners have been confirmed dead in Zimbabwe after a mine shaft they were working in collapsed.

2017-05-28 Man Dies in Fight Over Stray Pig
[New Zimbabwe] A GOKWE man who killed his neighbour with a log and an axe in an altercation over a stray pig was on Friday fined $100 after being convicted of manslaughter.

2017-05-29 UN Agency Sets Up HIV Centre At University
[New Zimbabwe] MIDLANDS State University (MSU) students will benefit from a state of the art model resource centre which has been established by a United Nations agency at its Gweru main campus.

2017-05-29 Informal Traders Resist Payments
[New Zimbabwe] Informal traders in the Midlands capital are resisting paying fees to city council, citing failure by local authority to reign in illegal vendors, a senior council official has said.

2017-05-28 Ministers, Top Officials Face Arrest
[Zimbabwe Standard] Government officials, including Cabinet ministers that ignore recommendations by parliamentary committees, may face prosecution in future once the Privileges, Immunities and Powers of Parliament Act is amended.

2017-05-29 Models Left Stranded At Miss Cultural
[The Herald] Models were left stranded over the weekend at the Miss Cultural beauty pageant held in Bulawayo after the organiser disappeared without paying them.

2017-05-28 Willom Tight's Son in Court for Battering Wife
[New Zimbabwe] AN upcoming musician and son to artiste Wilbroad Muponda best known as Willom Tight was dragged to court by his wife after he allegedly assaulted and undressed her.

2017-05-29 Jah Prayzah Retraces His Roots
[Zimbabwe Standard] The Biblical saying that "blessed is the hand that giveth" aptly describes Uzumba-bred musician Jah Prayzah's strong sense of social obligation and charity as he believes that it is always better to give than to receive.

2017-05-27 Mugabe's Daughter Gets Second Board Appointment in a Week
[News24Wire] President Robert Mugabe's only daughter Bona has just been named to the board of a new bank in her second high-profile appointment in a week, according to a report.

2017-05-26 Air Zimbabwe Joins the League of 'Flying Coffins'
[Zimbabwe Independent] The first time I visited the Democratic Republic of Congo at the turn of the millennium, I was struck by the country's lackadaisical attitude to aviation safety.

2017-05-26 U.S.$1 Billion Bailout - Govt Jumps the Gun
[Zimbabwe Independent] The debt-ridden and broke Zimbabwe government has secured a US$1 billion bailout to pay off their World Bank's arrears, piling more pressure on the sinking ship due to a huge debt albatross and deindustrialisation stemming from a myriad of macro-economic challenges militating against productivity.

2017-05-26 Mugabe Not Given Speaking Slot in Mexico
[New Zimbabwe] President Robert Mugabe was reportedly leaving Mexico none too pleased Thursday having allegedly failed to get a speaking slot at the United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction.

2017-05-26 Katsande Snubbed for AFCON 2019 Qualifying Squad
[Financial Gazette] ZIMBABWE have followed through on their decision to omit Willard Katsande, Cuthbert Malajila, Nyasha Mushekwi and Mathew Rusike from the 2019 AFCON qualifier against Liberia next month.

2017-05-26 Govt Must Stop Quasi-Fiscal Activities, Says IMF
[Zimbabwe Independent] THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe must stop engaging in quasi-fiscal activities and focus on private sector growth to help economic recovery.

2017-05-26 Disabled Evictees Lobby UN to Isolate Govt
[New Zimbabwe] More than 20 families of people living with disabilities who have been evicted from Leonard Cheshire home in Harare's Avenues area have petitioned the United Nations to isolate the Zanu PF government.

2017-05-26 Opposition Cries Foul Over 'Ruling Party Violence'
[New Zimbabwe] The MDC-T Thursday said no part of the country should be inaccessible to opposition parties as Zimbabwe gears towards next year's elections.

2017-05-26 Is Mugabe's Daughter Bona Zimbabwe's Ivanka Trump?
[News24Wire] Bona Mugabe, who has just been named to Zimbabwe's unpopular censorship board, knows what it's like to be gossiped about.

2017-05-26 To What Extent Can a Central Bank Print Money?
[Zimbabwe Independent] The Bank of England (BoE) has issued banknotes since it was established in 1694. In this context the term issuing means the same as printing. The bank notes have traditionally been printed on paper substrate.

2017-05-26 New Project Links Harare, London Artists
[Zimbabwe Independent] Twenty young female artists have been selected to take part in a photography and spoken word exchange project between Harare and London. Each respective city has five spoken word artists and five photographers.

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