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2017-11-18 Thousands March Against Mugabes
[New Zimbabwe] BLACKS, whites, the old and the young have all came together in Harare this Saturday morning braving the chill weather and speaking one language - President Robert Mugabe must go.

2017-11-18 All Makings of a Blockbuster in Mugabe Standoff With Military
[CAJ News] Harare -EVENTS in Zimbabwe over the past few days read like a script taken straight from a blockbuster movie with suspense, tragedy and comedy.

2017-11-18 'Mugabe Likely to Go Gracefully, Mnangagwa Unlikely to Stay Long' – Former U.S. Diplomat
[allAfrica] Herman J. Cohen was the first President George Bush's top Africa diplomat, serving as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 1989 to 1993.

2017-11-18 Granting Mugabe Asylum Is a Hot Potato
[News24Wire] With pressure mounting against President Robert Mugabe to step down, the issue of where he would seek asylum has become a hotly contested issue, with many saying South Africa is the obvious choice.

2017-11-18 The Tricky Business of Removing Robert Gabriel Mugabe
[East African] The military on Friday changed tack in its determination to remove Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe from office after he firmly resisted any deal that would prematurely end his leadership of the ruling Zanu-PF party and the country.

2017-11-18 Who Will Rule Next? Mnangagwa? Sekeramayi?
[African Arguments] Many in Zimbabwe and beyond are talking about the events of the past 48 hours as if it marks the start of a profound political transformation. This is misjudged.

2017-11-18 'Mugabe No Longer Has Regional Backing'
[News24Wire] Botswana's President Ian Khama has told his Zimbabwean counterpart Robert Mugabe to step down as he no longer has any regional support to cling on to power, says a report.

2017-11-18 Call for Peace, Stability and Respect for the Sanctity of Human Life
[] The National Association of Non Governmental Organisations (NANGO), the umbrella body of NGOs operating in Zimbabwe, notes with concern the current political developments in the nation, which impacts on the peace and stability of the country. We call on all stakeholders to remain focused, composed and guided by the Constitution. Zimbabweans are a peace-loving people, a heritage that we cherish.

2017-11-18 Ruling Party Turns Against Mugabe, Grace
[The Herald] EIGHT out of 10 Zanu-PF provinces yesterday held Provincial Coordination Committee meetings that resolved to call for the resignation of First Secretary and President Cde Robert Mugabe failing which he should recalled from Government for reasons of incapacitation and losing control of the party to his wife, Dr Grace Mugabe.

2017-11-18 Be Vigilant, Patriotic - Defence Minister Sekeremayi to Army
[The Herald] The country's defence forces must remain vigilant and patriotic because there are elements bent on reversing the gains of the liberation struggle, Defence Minister Dr Sydney Sekeremayi has said.

2017-11-18 Army Gives Permission for Big Anti-Mugabe Rally
[The Herald] THE Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police yesterday cleared a rally by citizens across the political divide led by the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans' Association against President Mugabe's continued stay in office as they urged the public to be peaceful and orderly.

2017-11-18 NUMSA Slams 'Ugly Military Coup' in Zim, but Says Doesn't Back Mugabe
[News24Wire] The National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa (Numsa) has condemned what it described as "a coup" against President Robert Mugabe's government in Zimbabwe.

2017-11-18 Opposition Leader Dumiso Dabengwa - Mugabe Must Vacate Presidency
[Deutsche Welle] Things must not 'go back to normal' after this week's events in Harare, says ZAPU opposition party leader Dumiso Dabengwa. DW correspondent Victoria Schneider spoke to the former interior minister in Johannesburg.

2017-11-18 Russia Blames Mugabe for Coup
[New Zimbabwe] Deputy Russian Prime Minister Yury Trutnev has blamed President Robert Mugabe for getting himself into trouble by failing to address the socio-economic issues which have left Zimbabweans impoverished and angry.

2017-11-18 Hide and Seek for Zanu-PF's G40 Faction
[New Zimbabwe] SOON after the departure of a South African negotiation team dispatched by the Southern African Development Community' unconfirmed news spread like a veld fire that President Robert Mugabe may have agreed to a compromise.

2017-11-18 Mugabe Woes Mount As Zanu-PF Provinces Back His Ouster
[New Zimbabwe] UNDER-SIEGE President Robert Mugabe's bid to cling on to power using the country's Constitution suffered a major setback Friday when the ruling party's 10 provinces all passed votes of no confidence against the Zanu PF First Secretary and President.

2017-11-18 All-Weather Friends China and Russia Wink As Mugabe Put to the Sword
[New Zimbabwe] President Robert Mugabe's all-weather friends appear to have deserted him as he battles a military coup with none of the countries he considers allies speaking against the development.

2017-11-18 Mugabe 'Must Go Today, Not Any Other Day', Protesters Chant At #anti-Mugaberally
[News24Wire] Zimbabweans have on Saturday started gathering at the Highfields sports ground in Harare, calling for President Robert Mugabe to step down.

2017-11-18 China, U.S. 'Optimistic'
[The Herald] The international community has continued to react to the Zimbabwean situation with the United States of America saying the country has a chance to chart a new path, while China said the political situation required a legal framework to map the way forward.

2017-11-18 SADC, AU Must Not Jump the Gun
[The Herald] The African Union (AU) is a tried-and- tested institution that has been able to make thoughtful and strategic decisions in dealing with various challenges confronting its member states.

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