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May 27, 2018

The mission of AfricaFocus, edited and published by William Minter, is to provide high-quality analysis and progressive advocacy on African issues, with particular attention to priority issues affecting the entire continent. AfricaFocus provides information to the public without charge through multiple communication channels, including a website, a Facebook page, and a newsletter sent to subscribers by email. Subscribers are asked for financial support through voluntary subscription payments and contributions.

Data collected by AfricaFocus are used exclusively to manage and to improve these services.

This notice is to explain in summary AfricaFocus compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which went into effect on May 25. Additional background is available at

Any user of AfricaFocus has the right to request that any personal data on them held by AfricaFocus be made available to them and/or to ask that such data be deleted.

What data is collected through each communication channel and how it is managed is summarized below.

1 - The AfricaFocus website ( runs on an Apache server that collects logs on visits to the website. These are identified by IP number and track usage, but are not associated with personal information. AfricaFocus also makes use of Google analytics to track website visitors, which collects additional information for analyzing site usage. Google privacy policies for Google analytics are available at The AfricaFocus website runs ads provided by Google, but does not itself control the targeting of ads.

2 - The AfricaFocus Facebook page ( is governed by Facebook privacy policies. The data collected by Facebook, and the subset of that available to AfricaFocus, is determined by your Facebook privacy setting. AfricaFocus runs ads to "boost" specific posts, but does not use targeting available from Facebook except for geographic location. AfricaFocus may have access to your public profile if you are a "follower" of the page.

Information services provided by AfricaFocus on the web are broadcast rather than directed to specific identifiable persons. The choice to view or follow these information channels is completely controlled by the user.

3 - AfricaFocus also publishes the AfricaFocus Bulletin, which is sent to emails of individuals or organizations who have indicated their interest in receiving it. This is now managed by Mailchimp software, the privacy policies for which are available at Users can unsubscribe at any time through a link at the end of each AfricaFocus Bulletin, or by sending an unsubscribe request to Subscribers may sign up by filling in the subscription form through a link on the website, by adding their names and email addresses to a sign-up list at an event, or by personal communication with the AfricaFocus editor.

Data collected for each subscriber includes email address, name, and country, all of which are required as well as other optional fields. Subscribers may view and change this information by clicking on the "update my preferences" link at the end of each AfricaFocus Bulletin.

AfricaFocus also keeps records of additional data for subscribers who make voluntary subscription payments, including amount contributed and date of contribution. These records are used only for internal Africa purposes and for targeting appeals for continued support for AfricaFocus.

For any additional clarification needed, please write to the editor, William Minter, at